Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQ/E 3.35

2020-02-09 Thread Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users
Try the download again, but change the URL to something like:

That should get you around the caching. Change the numbers if you have to try 


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Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQ/E 3.35

2020-02-09 Thread Thierry Godefroy via Ql-Users
On Sun, 9 Feb 2020 09:16:58 +0100, Tobias Fröschle via Ql-Users wrote:

> that sounds like a corrupt file system on the web server.

No, the success after renaming shows without possible doubt that the
file is not corrupt on the server.

However, I suspect that the site goes through a CDN (which is nothing
else than a proxy keeping local copies of files from the web servers
it caches), and that the corrupted file is on that CDN.

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Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQ/E 3.35

2020-02-09 Thread Tobias Fröschle via Ql-Users

that sounds like a corrupt file system on the web server. Have the hosing guys 
look after that - It's probably not the only glitch that you will see.


> Am 09.02.2020 um 06:48 schrieb Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users 
> :
> Hi,
> >
> > Something's wrong, I'm afraid.
> >
> yes it definitely is.
> My local copy unzips OK.
> I downloaded the file from my site, and indeed, no way you can unzip it, the 
> file has a length that doesn't even correspond to the real length of the file 
> (the real length, in bytes, is actually shown on the webpage). OK, I thought, 
> some file corruption happened during uploaded.. I re-upped the file. The 
> length of the file on the webpage was correct (the length is displayed via a 
> small php script, so it takes the length of the file as it actually is on the 
> site). Just to be sure, I downloaded the file again. And again, no way to 
> unzip it as again it's not a valid zip file.
> After some more re-up- and re-downloads, where I had the same problem, I 
> tried various other things. The result is that I renamed the file (on the 
> site, not locally!) to (and edited the html page to point to 
> that). Now it works - but the file is called - I think one can 
> live with that.
> Isn't computing wonderful?
> (Oh, and just to be sure that I wasn't dreaming, I then renamed the file to 
> again -and edited the html file-, re-downloaded - not a valid 
> zip file. Go figure).
> Wolfgang
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