Re: [Ql-Users] PD Libraries of QL Software

2022-05-26 Thread Jiri Dolezal via Ql-Users
Get the entire Qubbesoft P/D library from: or the mirror at This link is wrong (points to Phil Jordan's The Library). The correct one is

Re: [Ql-Users] Stupid AND

2017-09-19 Thread Jiri Dolezal via Ql-Users
30 if (a<>0 AND b/a=5) The first condition (a<>0) is NOT met and so, in any other programming language I use, the second condition isn't even tested, as the result will be "false" anyway because of this. Standard BASIC approach is to evaluate first expression, store the result

Re: [Ql-Users] Q68 Advance Notice 2 - Pricing

2017-09-09 Thread Jiri Dolezal via Ql-Users
I would like to express interest, too. 1x board, case, cable. Thank You. ___ QL-Users Mailing List