Re: [Ql-Users] PD Libraries of QL Software

2022-05-26 Thread Jiri Dolezal via Ql-Users

Get the entire Qubbesoft P/D library from: or the mirror at

This link is wrong (points to Phil Jordan's The Library).
The correct one is

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Re: [Ql-Users] Stupid AND

2017-09-19 Thread Jiri Dolezal via Ql-Users

30 if (a<>0 AND b/a=5)

The first condition (a<>0) is NOT met and so, in any other  

language I use, the second condition isn't even tested, as the result
will be "false" anyway because of this.

Standard BASIC approach is to evaluate first expression, store the  
result somewhere (stack?), evaluate the second expression and store  
the result. And then evaluate the AND operand (with parameters  
already stored - on stack?) as the last.

(Tiny Basic, ZX Spectrum Basic)

Maybe SBasic does the same or similar.
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Re: [Ql-Users] Q68 Advance Notice 2 - Pricing

2017-09-09 Thread Jiri Dolezal via Ql-Users

I would like to express interest, too.
1x board, case, cable.

Thank You.

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