Re: [Ql-Users] QL Calendar 2021

2020-12-29 Thread Marcos Cruz via Ql-Users
2020-12-26 16:08: Dilwyn Jones via Ql-Users escribió/skribis/wrote/scrit:

> I've put together a little QL-themed calendar for 2021 - The QaLendar.

Very nice, looks really good. Thank you, Dilwyn.

Happy new year to all.

Marcos Cruz
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[Ql-Users] E-mail etiquette: New subject, new message

2020-02-08 Thread Marcos Cruz via Ql-Users

Probably most of you know that e-mail messages contain, in their
metadata, a unique message identifier and also the unique message
identifier of the responded message, if any. These identifiers allow the
automatic hierarchic organization of messages into threads.

Sometimes in this list, messages that start a new subject, actually are
"responds" to other unrelated messages (even several years old). That is
unlogical, has no advantage, breaks the sense of the threads and makes
reading the list more difficult.

For example, the recent announcement of the 16th Sinclair QL Italian
meeting is a "respond" to the announcement of the 15th meeting (posted
in 2018-10), which was a "respond" to the announcement of the QDOS/SMS
reference manual 4.1 (posted in 2016-09).  And then, three days later,
the announcement of SMSQ/E 3.35 is a "respond" to the announcement of
the 16th Italian meeting...  As a result, without reason, both recent
and interesting announcements belong to (and are "hidden" in) a thread
started more than three years ago, and therefore they don't appear as
two independent new threads at the top of the current hierarchy of
messages in 2020-02, as they should.

I know some webmail services don't care about the message identifiers
and use the subject fields instead in order to recreate and display the
threads, but that's not the way e-mail is supposed to work.  Perhaps
that is the reason some users don't realise the trouble caused by
writing a new message by "replying" to whatever previous unrelated
message, instead of writing an actual new message.

Changing the subject in a thread only makes sense when the actual
respond naturally leads to a different topic, but there's a helpful
convention to mark that cases: "Re: New subject (Was: Old subject)".

Please remember a basic rule of e-mail (lists) etiquette: New subject,
new message; only respond to a message if you actually want to respond
to what that message contains.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards.

Marcos Cruz
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Re: [Ql-Users] New QL Adventure Game Released

2020-01-11 Thread Marcos Cruz via Ql-Users
En/Je/On/In 2020-01-09 08:45, peet vanpeebles via Ql-Users 

> Here is my completed game (at last!) For you all to enjoy for free,
> I've also included the source files, design manual, my working notes,

Thank you Peter. I love text adventures.

I'm trying it with SMSQmulator.

Marcos Cruz
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Re: [Ql-Users] QL World scans

2019-05-13 Thread Marcos Cruz via Ql-Users
Dilwyn Jones via Ql-Users escribió en/skribis je/wrote on/scrit in 2019-03-04 

> Klaus Frank in Denmark has sent me a disk with further scans of QL World
> magazines.
> All of the 1992 and 1993 issues, plus the final five issues from 1994, when
> the magazine ceased publication.
> Download them from

Thank you to Klaus for all the work. I have kept all my QL World issues
from 1987 to 1994, with the hope I could scan them someday.

Marcos Cruz
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Re: [Ql-Users]

2019-05-13 Thread Marcos Cruz via Ql-Users
pjwitte via Ql-Users escribió en/skribis je/wrote on/scrit in 2019-05-13 14:54:

> Just to let you know that Knoware is up and running again after ten years

Great news. Thank you for sharing.

Marcos Cruz
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Re: [Ql-Users] A polite request

2018-02-15 Thread Marcos Cruz via Ql-Users
En/Je/On 2018-02-14 19:40, Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users escribió / skribis
/ wrote :

> Please, please, please do not "hijack" a thread. Don't reply to a
> thread and change the subject to something completely unrelated.

I agree. That is important. I support your request.

Some times, email users _reply_ to whatever message they are reading,
change the subject and write a message on a totally different topic...
That makes some things more difficult for others, especially on email

All email messages have a metadatum in its header containing the unique
identifier of the replied email, if any. That is how email clients can
sort messages hierarchicaly.  The problem is some web-mail services
(including Gmail), or even some "actual" email clients, thread messages
_also_ by the subject line...  I guess that's why some users are not
aware of the problem.  But threading by subject line is a cosmetic
trick: the real link between messages is still there, in their internal

Of course, sometimes it's necessary to change the subject in the middle
of a thread, but only when the conversation _naturally_ leads to a
different topic.  In those cases, the change helps to identify the topic
branches in the hierarchy. And there's a convention for that:

  Subject: Re: Original topic

  Subject: Modified topic (Was: Re: Original topic)

Hope this helps.

> If you start a new thread by replying to another, and change the
> subject, your threaded topic ends up hidden within the original topic


Marcos Cruz
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