Re: [Ql-Users] A feature or a bug?

2016-06-14 Thread Timothy Swenson
I tried this and it worked as reported. I then did this: data_use "" then I ran it again, and got the error message. This confirms that datad$ is being picked up and used in the FTEST. Tim ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] ACOS

2016-05-30 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 05/30/2016 01:00 PM, Colin McKay wrote: A=242641, B=2.828427, C=1.414214. VV=C^2-A^2-B^2/(-2*A*B) VV calculated, and printed, in QPC2 =1. VV calculated on a calculator =-24.0071/-24.0071=1. I don't get that number, esp. without any ( ) around the first half the the W statement.

Re: [Ql-Users] EASYMENU - Not so easy!

2016-05-09 Thread Timothy Swenson
John, Here is a couple of suggestions that I have: 1. Try EasyMenu in a different environment. If running on a BBQL, try it with QPCII or SMSQmulator. You might be different behavior. 2. Post the menu file somewhere and see if someone else can reproduce the problem. Tim Swenson

Re: [Ql-Users] WIN drive gone missing

2016-03-18 Thread Timothy Swenson
I agree with Wolfgang in that there probably was an outstanding file lock on the .WIN file. The file lock would keep other programs from writing to the .WIN file, but it would allow programs to read from it. This is why you could copy it and why SMSQmulator said it was read-only. The reboot

Re: [Ql-Users] QPC2 <> W10

2016-01-16 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 01/16/2016 09:25 AM, Dilwyn Jones wrote: Careful, Norman, you might just tempt me to Linux at this rate. Which would not be that bad to do. I've been running exclusively Linux at home for about 3 years. The only major problem I have is that I can't print to a printer attached to a

Re: [Ql-Users] QPC2 <> W10

2016-01-04 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 01/04/2016 08:35 AM, pjwitte wrote: Almost every year I reconsider whether its worth emigrating to Linux, but its just such a hassel I'm using Lubuntu 14.X and my migration from Windows XP was quite smooth. At the time I was using all Open Source tools that are also cross platform:

Re: [Ql-Users] symbolic links in NFA directories of SMSQmulator 2.14

2015-12-27 Thread Timothy Swenson
I did some testing myself and I'm getting slightly different behavior. I'm running SMSQmulator 2.14. OS is Lubuntu (Linux swensont-ThinkPad-L430 3.13.0-74-generic #118-Ubuntu SMP). I created a director NFA3, put two files in it and then a symbolic link to another file: -rw-rw-r-- 1 swensont

Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQmulator 2.13 Message to Timothu Swenson

2015-11-29 Thread Timothy Swenson
I've had a few problems getting e-mails from Europe. An alternate e-mail address to reach me is: All else fails, my work e-mail can be used: Tim ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] Message for Tim S

2015-06-06 Thread Timothy Swenson
I'm not sure why folks from the UK are having issues reaching me. For now, try That is an incoming-only e-mail for me, but it will reach me. Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] Good Morning People - ‘QL SuperBASIC - The Definitive Handbook’

2014-06-20 Thread Timothy Swenson
John, I'm sure I've mentioned before, but I have already OCR'ed the book. I have Chapters 1-9 in Doc format. Chapters 10-11 are still in .txt format. What I did not do is scan the images/diagrams. They will need to be scanned and then inserted into the document. I'm willing to pass on

Re: [Ql-Users] Toolkit II Manual: In Word and PDF format.

2014-03-09 Thread Timothy Swenson
Stephen, Are you going to continue with reformatting the document, or are you looking for someone to take it from here? Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQmulator 1.24

2014-03-06 Thread Timothy Swenson
Notice a couple of things about SMSQmulator 1.24. When I do the about (the question mark) it still shows as 1.23. On my Windows PC and my Linux system at work, 1.24 has an issue with Xchange. On my Linux system at home, it runs fine. When Xchange starts, it hangs after drawing a little bit

Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQmulator 1.24

2014-03-06 Thread Timothy Swenson
Sorry, that was supposed to go to Wolfgang only. Tim ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] QPC1

2014-02-25 Thread Timothy Swenson
Marcel, I'm way rusty on my DOS memory stuff. What changes did you make to the DosBox .conf file to get QPC1 to run? Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] Concept 3D

2014-02-03 Thread Timothy Swenson
I have the manual, but it's been a couple of years since I've seen it and I need to dig a bit to find it. When I do, I will scan it and make it available. Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] Concept 3D

2014-02-03 Thread Timothy Swenson
There should be a way to lower the resolution without doing a rescan. Please check out ImageMagick. It supports batch process of image files. It is portable and I've used it on both Windows and Linux. There is a -density option so that dpi can be changed. Tim

Re: [Ql-Users] Concept 3D

2014-02-03 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 02/03/2014 06:10 PM, Dave Park wrote: I have a fair amount of free time, so I am willing to re-typeset manuals and clean up any graphics/charts/etc... I'm sure we've all done that. I've got some that I retyped and/or formated. Maybe someone (with lots of free time :-) ) should volunteer

Re: [Ql-Users] QPC2 v4.01 released

2014-02-01 Thread Timothy Swenson
Welcome to the world of fatherhood. I'd say that you have 18 years before you get rid of her, but my oldest is 22 and still living at home. I can't believe it's been 14 years since you visited my place. My youngest was born after the West Coast QL show and she is now a freshman in High

Re: [Ql-Users] The Last Five Years

2014-01-07 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 01/07/2014 04:29 PM, John Gilpin wrote: How long have we put up with QUANTA isn't doing this right or QUANTA isn't doing this at all or QUANTA doesn't know how to run the right type of workshop. Such comments are usually followed by something like and they should be doing. This reminds me

Re: [Ql-Users] The Last Five Years

2014-01-06 Thread Timothy Swenson
I've been sitting out the conversations about Quanta, QL Today, etc, but I thought I would chime in here. When it comes to volunteer projects, we have to remember the old adage: You can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink Having been on the Board of 4 non-profits, and know

Re: [Ql-Users] Finding the line number in QPC2

2013-11-26 Thread Timothy Swenson
I'm surprised that no one has responded to this yet. Both QDOS and SMSQ/E (which is what QPC2 does), have the same look and feel to the operating system and almost all SuperBASIC code will work on both OS's. The Turbo compiler and toolkit work on both OS with no issues (that I am aware of).

Re: [Ql-Users] Email advice needed

2013-07-16 Thread Timothy Swenson
I also use Thunderbird and have been for about (checking oldest e-mail) ... Nov. 2007. Been working like a champ. Just remember to find out where the Thunderbird files are (mailbox, address book, etc) so you can back them up. I also use the add on that provides Calendar and task lists. It

Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQmulator 1.18

2013-05-19 Thread Timothy Swenson
One suggestion, to keep track of the different versions of SMSQmulator that is downloaded, can you add the version number to the zip file. Right now all versions have the same name or Why not have something like Thanks, Tim

Re: [Ql-Users] Qliberator problems

2013-04-02 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 4/2/2013 5:22 AM, Dilwyn Jones wrote: Might be worth looking at how programs like the Structured SuperBASIC Structured SuberBASIC (SSB) does not do any compiling. It is just a pre-processor that that takes a program, written without line numbers and with certain markers, and coverts that

Re: [Ql-Users] QL Today

2013-03-19 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 3/19/2013 4:13 PM, wrote: It is produced using the Scribus publishing package which is available for free,form Linux, Windows and Mac (as far as I know). I've been a user of Scribus for about 6 years. I did an e-zine for about three years. I have some problems with

Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQmulator

2013-01-27 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/27/2013 11:04 AM, Bryan Horstmann wrote: Downloaded and un-zipped the files. .jar file; double click - nothing; try the java instruction from manual; right click and open with offers Java so accept that. Lot of action from hard disk then nothing. It is Vista. Brian, Open a DOS

Re: [Ql-Users] Rawread

2013-01-24 Thread Timothy Swenson
I tested both 720K and 1.44M floppy images (in the simplest of tests). I can do some further testing with 1.44 (read, write, etc) and see if I can get any failure. Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQmulator

2013-01-23 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/23/2013 3:21 AM, Bryan Horstmann wrote: but how do I find the Java version. please? This is documented in the SMSQmulator User Guide. Use the 'java -version' command. Tim ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQmulator DATE$

2013-01-23 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/23/2013 10:35 AM, John Hall wrote: I can confirm that for V1.01 of SMSQmulator the SMSQ/E time matches the XP Pro time. I tested it too and it works fine now. Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] Rawread

2013-01-23 Thread Timothy Swenson
QDC should run in DOSBOX. I don't know if DOSBOX can address the USB floppy. It might just be a simple MOUNT command. If you have Cygwin installed, then dd can be used for reading both 720k and 1.44M floppies. I tested this recently and it worked. Tim

Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQmulator

2013-01-22 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/22/2013 12:25 PM, Bryan Horstmann wrote: I have a Vista laptop. Advice please on how to obtain, install and run this emulator Installing SMSQmulator for Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 is the same. The User Guide included with SMSQmulator has a walk-through of the unpacking and

Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQmulator DATE$

2013-01-22 Thread Timothy Swenson
That is one item that I did not test. I've tested 'print date$' on two systems (Windows XP and Linux) and got the same behavior. The local time is 1630 hrs and the SMSQmulator output is 02:30 (of the next day) That is a ten hour difference. This is +2 GMT. Not sure what time zone that is.

Re: [Ql-Users] QLay Linux

2013-01-21 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/21/2013 7:40 AM, Wolfgang Lenerz wrote: bash: ./QLAY: No such file or directory That's a pretty generic Linux error message and not enough for any person to determine what the cause is. Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] QLay Linux

2013-01-21 Thread Timothy Swenson
What the error really means is that the file QLAY (which he is tying to execute) is not in the current directory. Without knowing what the current directory is, how could anyone know if this is an real error or not. Maybe he's in /home/bob and needs to be in /home/bob/qlay? Maybe the case

Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQmulator

2013-01-21 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/21/2013 2:14 PM, wrote: I wonder if the emulator is doing an awful lot of thinking in the background? After all, QDOS was flashing cursors, running interrupt code, flushing slave blocks etc. This is correct. On all systems that I have rum SMSQmulator, it really

Re: [Ql-Users] QLay Linux

2013-01-21 Thread Timothy Swenson
I just downloaded QLAY and tried it on my Lubuntu 12.4 system. I'm getting the same odd error that the user reported. I made sure that the file was executable, so I did a 'chmod 777 QLAY'. When I did './QLAY', I got the same no sure file or directory. The command 'strace ./QLAY' did not

Re: [Ql-Users] Snowbound?

2013-01-18 Thread Timothy Swenson
Not snowbound here. Don't you know that snow is something you drive to? (Mostly Tahoe) We've had over night lows just around freezing and it was all over the news. It's fairly rare when San Francisco gets that cold. The last time we had any accumulation of snow in the area was 1976. Tim

Re: [Ql-Users] Quick QL Today Survey

2013-01-16 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/15/2013 11:10 PM, extdgl42 wrote: Dave gets first dibs. Like there will be a rush to Oakridge to get this stuff :-) Would it be a race between Paul H. and Dave P.? Who else is in that general area? Maybe some of the old CATS folks from D.C.? A long shot are any NESQLUG folks in

Re: [Ql-Users] on Q-emuLator

2012-09-28 Thread Timothy Swenson
I have reproduced the problem with Q-emulator. I get not enough memory when I try to attach a 1 GB file. I set the QL to as much memory as I can and I still get the error. With an 800 MB file, it attaches just fine. I'm thinking that 1 GB is hitting some boundary, meaning

Re: [Ql-Users] Websites

2012-09-23 Thread Timothy Swenson
I maintain a website for two different local non-profits. Unless you make a concerted effort to make updates every month or so, it is fairly easy for sites to get stale (I'm guilty of that myself). Who ever maintains the site needs to set a schedule (similar to a newsletter) and update the

Re: [Ql-Users] Jan Jones

2012-04-01 Thread Timothy Swenson
Depending on the author agreement, publishers may only have a limited rights to a published work. After the time has expired, the rights go back to the original author. There's been some QL software like this. For Image Use, Museums and Libraries usually charge for images from their

Re: [Ql-Users] Jan Jones

2012-03-31 Thread Timothy Swenson
For those interested, I scanned the doc, checked that that image to text worked well, but did not include the diagrams. I have each chapter in a .doc file. I can zip it up and send it to whomever. No need to re-invent the wheel. Tim Swenson ___

Re: [Ql-Users] GST QED Editor

2012-02-18 Thread Timothy Swenson
I've got the GST C compiler. Just tried QED with Q-emulator and it worked just fine. If can't get it off of Urs's site, I can zip it up and send it to you. Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] GST QED Editor

2012-02-18 Thread Timothy Swenson
Urs, Great job in creating this archive of GST programs and documents. Not only is it useful for those looking to tinker with the software, but also useful in the historical context. More of the QL scene needs to be digitized and archived for future reference. Tim Swenson

Re: [Ql-Users] n00b alert an introduction of sorts

2011-12-13 Thread Timothy Swenson
Hurrah, another QLer in Silicon Valley. With Jim Hunkins gone, we're back up to two. Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] Abacus file transfer PC to QL

2011-12-05 Thread Timothy Swenson
I finally got around to testing this. I created a test spreadsheet using the Psion Abacus for DOS. I saved the file as a transfer file (.abt). Changed the extension to _abt, and moved it onto a directory that Q-emulator has access to. I got into Xchange and Abacus. I loaded the file via

Re: [Ql-Users] Sinclair QL Printer

2011-04-05 Thread Timothy Swenson
I'll see if I can dig up my original copies. I've found that the OCR software that comes with MS Office Professional is pretty good. Used it to OCR about 400 newspaper articles. Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] Sinclair QL Printer

2011-04-04 Thread Timothy Swenson
I scanned this manual a few years ago and it was individual images. It might be my version that you have. It is possible to use OCR software to convert the images to text and then put that into a word processor and produce a final output. This will take time and may not be exact as the

Re: [Ql-Users] Ser-USB on Minerva

2011-03-11 Thread Timothy Swenson
With a USB/multi-card reader, it should be possible to create a QDOS file system on a Compact Flash card. I've scrounged about 13 512MB CF cards that are no longer needed at work. I can send them to someone in the UK if someone can use them. I also have two unopened boxes of TDK ED disks

Re: [Ql-Users] scale and drawing on the QL

2011-03-02 Thread Timothy Swenson
Years ago I scanned the whole Jan Jones book and OCR'ed the text and put it into a word document. I cleaned up most of it and was planning to add back in the drawings. I should be able to find it and give it to anyone who is working on making a better copy. It would save them some time.

Re: [Ql-Users] The Spring 2011 QL Survery

2011-02-13 Thread Timothy Swenson
Once again we are on the eternal debate about what makes one computer different than the other. It is the hardware or it is the OS? With an Intel system I can run a number of OS's; Windows, Linux, MacOS, BSD, etc. With an OS like Linux or BSD, I can run them on different CPU's; Intel, MIPS,

Re: [Ql-Users] Wondering...

2011-02-07 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 2/7/2011 10:08 AM, Plastic wrote: I'm only aware of two US QL users and they're both ex-pats anyway, I think Actually, most of the US QLer's that I knew (been out of contact with mostf them for a while) were native born. I'm sure there are a few of the old QL'ers still around (like Herb

Re: [Ql-Users] Finally a reply

2011-01-30 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/30/2011 10:48 AM, Malcolm Cadman wrote: Were Officers to be elected, directly, at an AGM, it would open the door to someone incompetent to get voted in, or some collusion to take place. Interesting, as California State code for Non-profits pretty much specifies that members vote on

Re: [Ql-Users] QL On A Stick

2011-01-29 Thread Timothy Swenson
Part of the reason the uQLx has not been so seamless is that it supports a variety of Unix systems on a variety of CPU's. To make it seamless, a version would have to be compiled for a variety of Unix flavors, including a variety of Linux flavors (and the different install packages). The

Re: [Ql-Users] QL On A Stick

2011-01-29 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/29/2011 11:07 AM, Bryan Horstmann wrote: Where can I get to from the x386 platform; not on the West Coast Main line I'm sure? Bryan H The x386 platform is on the CalTrain line in Santa Clara, near the Intel Corporate campus. :-) BTW, that usage of platform is not quite that common on

Re: [Ql-Users] QL On A Stick

2011-01-29 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/29/2011 11:03 AM, Dilwyn Jones wrote: Can this be done with Linux systems? Odds are it can be done. Most of the QL emulators can be run as simple executables. If system variables need to be set, then a shell script wrapper can be written. Expecting Wine to be installed. That might be

Re: [Ql-Users] Finally a reply

2011-01-29 Thread Timothy Swenson
From the discussion I can get a feel for what might be the issue that is being discussed. Over the last 12 years I've been on the Board of 4 different non-profits. I've written the By-laws (what you guys are calling the Constitution) for one non-profit. The only time the By-laws really come

Re: [Ql-Users] Finally a reply

2011-01-29 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/29/2011 3:51 PM, Rich Mellor wrote: With so much experience - maybe we should nominate Tim to the committee? !! Nice Idea, but I think it will be a hell of a commute for me to attend any Quanta meeting. Even by phone, I'm 8 time zones away from the UK. I've let my QL Today

Re: [Ql-Users] Android

2011-01-29 Thread Timothy Swenson
A little Google searching and it looks like the answer is No. No X windows, no standard GNU libraries, etc. Looks like most of the apps are java-based. Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] Finally a reply

2011-01-29 Thread Timothy Swenson
On 1/29/2011 5:32 PM, Rich Mellor wrote: Have you signed up to the ZX80/ZX81 forums - some interesting things on there as well about assembly programming - Rich, you must be getting old. Don't you remember my signing up and a few e-mails about the

Re: [Ql-Users] QL On A Stick

2011-01-28 Thread Timothy Swenson
Given the nature of installing programs on Windows to run them, I can imagine creating a QL-on-a-stick for Linux would be fairly easy. The device would just need to be mounted (automount might do this with a USB Drive) and then apps would be directly from the USB drive. The USB drive can be

Re: [Ql-Users] Programming project request...

2011-01-21 Thread Timothy Swenson
Dave, The Turbo compiler (and Turbo Toolkit) are now freeware and available, and can be found on this page: You'll also find a large number of programming tools at the main index for Dilywn's side: You can

Re: [Ql-Users] Unsure on how to play inform adventure files on the QL

2010-12-12 Thread Timothy Swenson
The main parts of the program are: Inform - compiles z-code into a game. zip- takes a compiled game and plays it. If you have a game file (curses_dat) in the same directory as the zip executable, then to have zip read the curses_dat file and play it, the command line is: exec

Re: [Ql-Users] Question from a re-newbie

2010-12-09 Thread Timothy Swenson
ED or QED was useful for it's simple of creating small scripts to automate some editing (like removing all CR characters from the end of a line). For more advanced features, I'd recommend MicroEmacs. The version for the QL support the PE and allows the use of the mouse. It has scripting

Re: [Ql-Users] Punters

2007-10-07 Thread Timothy Swenson
I had no idea that the work punter was slightly offensive, nor that it would be used to refer to attendees. When I hear the the term, I just think about the position in American Football. Now, to punt has common usage, meaning to pass one to someone else. Tim Swenson

Re: [Ql-Users] batch file

2007-09-16 Thread Timothy Swenson
I remember a while back there were some DOS menu system available as freeware or shareware. You might look into something like this as it would be little nicer than just some DOS text. I think the old SIMTEL20 system has a bunch of DOS free/shareware. If just DOS only, using graphics

Re: [ql-users] Computer One Programs

2007-06-22 Thread Timothy Swenson
Rich Mellor wrote: Does anyone have a copy of the following Computer One languages on disk (or working microdrive copy) - : I could have sworn that someone did a scan of the Computer One Pascal manual and put it online some where. I think I was the one that donated the manual to the

Re: [ql-users] The Quill, Infocom?

2006-11-29 Thread Timothy Swenson
Phoebus Dokos put together a CD called the Interactive Fantasy Collection, which Darren Branagh sold for a while IIRC. That might be what you were thinking of. No, it was a CD that someone else sent me. It was just a dump of a bunch of inform type games. Not a commerical CD. Tim Swenson

Re: [ql-users] The Quill, Infocom?

2006-11-28 Thread Timothy Swenson
There is a Infocom Interpreter (called ZIP) and game creator using the Inform language. They can both be found at the following location: Game Player Game Creator The player comes with some

Re: [ql-users] Q-emuLator version 2.4

2006-09-16 Thread Timothy Swenson
3) How do we access the new display modes? Same pokes as on Aurora? I have the same question as Rich. I've got 2.4 installed. I select Q60 display mode. I then set the emulator to full screen. Once I start it, I've tried the following commands: - disp_size 1024,512 - No results

[ql-users] Pictures of Past QL Shows in the US

2006-09-09 Thread Timothy Swenson
I'm writing a paper on the History of the QL in the US. I'm looking for pictures from the US QL/Sinclair shows from about 1986 on. I just need one or two pics per show, preferably a picture that shows the most people or represents the whole meeting. Some of the US Newsletters have

Re: [ql-users] Metacomco Pascal Development Kit

2006-07-29 Thread Timothy Swenson
I've got the same kit (missing the EPROM). I'll have to dig around to see if I put the files on floppy. If not, then it will take some time to setup my original QL to read the microdrives. Tim Swenson ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [ql-users] QL Today and the Start Here series

2006-04-10 Thread Timothy Swenson
As for emulators, I wrote an article a while back on UQLX for both Linux and Windows which included how to install. Dilwyn wrote one article on Q-Emulator. Could the material from these articles be reworked in the comparison type article? Tim Swenson

Re: [ql-users] QL disk transfer

2006-03-14 Thread Timothy Swenson
Looking at the questions that Dilwyn originally discussed on this topic, they seem rather broad and to cover a lot of subjects. Some with zipping, some with just QLAY. Kind of hard to tackle something that broad, but is a list of individual questions are written, then this makes it easier to

Re: [ql-users] Nightmare scenario

2006-02-21 Thread Timothy Swenson
If the problem seems to be SMSQ/E on QPCII, then the user could try one of the QDOS emulators like Qemulator, UQLX, Qlay, etc. UQLX is nice but it requires a non-trivial install (have to load GTK). Qemulator is Shareware and costs about $40 for a full license. I have both QPCII and Qemulator

[ql-users] Structured SuperBasic 2.7

2006-01-23 Thread Timothy Swenson
After much procrastination, I've finally finished and released Structured SuperBasic (SSB) 2.7. Biggest changes are: - Now compiled with Turbo. - Now supports three languages (English, German, Italian) Support for other languages is fairly trivial once I have the text translated.

Re: [ql-users] Concept 3D

2005-12-17 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Sat, 17 Dec 2005 10:17:59 +0100, Ralf Reköndt [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: WHAT? He does not remember? Can't really understand this. What was the time of writing? As long as the program does not do dirty things, it would run under the emulators. But I didn't believe. Concept 3D was written

Re: [ql-users] Concept 3D

2005-12-16 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Fri, 16 Dec 2005 09:14:47 +0100, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Very good idea. A pity that an author has lost his source code. In which language is it written? He does not remember, but when I saw it being developed I'm pretty sure it was in SuperBasic and he compiled it.

Re: [ql-users] Using EXEC with Turbo

2005-10-28 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Thu, 27 Oct 2005 06:28:52 +0200, wolfgang mühlegger [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: 10 f$ = win1_edt_qed 20 EX f$ Both Wolfgang and George Gwilt provided the same answer. My only reply is D'oh. I think I remember reading something in the Turbo manuals about that (now that I've been

Re: [ql-users] QL is 21

2005-10-07 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Fri, 7 Oct 2005 20:49:37 +0100, Malcolm Cadman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Do modern computer users do any programming any more ? Or is it all web pages, video clips and MP3 downloads ... ? Given that the computer has pretty much become an appliance (sold along side TV, Washers, etc), I'm

Re: [ql-users] Minix for QDOS

2005-09-18 Thread Timothy Swenson
I was just looking in some older Quantas and read the article on Minix for the QL. Basically, you take the Atari ST source code (available from Prentice-Hall), and add some changes done by Felix Croes (which he would send you). I don't know of someone made a distribution of the differences

[ql-users] Change label on a QXL file

2005-09-15 Thread Timothy Swenson
Anybody know of a tool to change the label on a QXL file? I tried a binary file editor (like CST's Filed), but that did not work quite right. Thanks, Tim Swenson [EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [ql-users] Newbie with some questions...

2005-08-10 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Tue, 9 Aug 2005 02:54:29 +0200, Alexander Klock [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: - Is there a way to get software from the net onto microdrive cartridges, e.g. with a cable or something? - How much effort is neccessary to connect a cd-rom-drive to the QL? (Because I think it's the easiest way

Re: [ql-users] updated

2005-05-03 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Tue, 03 May 2005 08:45:49 +0100, Derek Stewart [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Why does not everyone buy the a full copy of QPC2, as it is not that expensive. The all the functionality is there. Hmmm.. Let's see I have already spent $$$ on a Q40. UQLX is free. I hardly get to touch my PC at

Re: [ql-users] updated

2005-05-03 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Tue, 3 May 2005 20:46:37 +0100, Dilwyn Jones [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: National Minimum Wage is pretty normal wages unless you happen to work for national organisations paying national pay rates (public bodies basically)! National pay rates? Man, not in the US. We have folks in some parts

[ql-users] Concept 3D

2005-03-03 Thread Timothy Swenson
One of the few QL programs that was written in the US and sold in the UK is Concept 3D, a 3D wire frame graphics program, written by Robert Fingerlee. I don't know who sold it, but like other dealers, the rights to the original program might not be back in the hands of the Author. Back

Re: [ql-users] Pointer Environment and TK II

2005-01-20 Thread Timothy Swenson
Did TKII come with the Level II drivers (that supported Subdirectories) or was that a separate piece? I know my Gold Card came support for Subdirectories and I thought that was with TKII. For using UQLX, having Subdirectory support would be very usefull. Tim Swenson

Re: [ql-users] good superbasic book?

2005-01-02 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Sat, 01 Jan 2005 23:42:10 -0500, Phoebus Dokos [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Tim, sorry to mail this here... but did you get my email? If you did, did you try and answer? My server has a spamfilter and you need to reply to the first email that the filter will send you to register yourself with

Re: [ql-users] good superbasic book?

2005-01-01 Thread Timothy Swenson
Another option in the SuperBasic book issue, is to write one from scratch. Wasn't there a series of articles in QL Today on beginning SuperBasic? If so, we could use that as a start (if the author is willing) and go from there. Heck, a number of people could be volunteer to write chapters

Re: [ql-users] Lynx282

2004-12-28 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 14:10:08 -0500, Phoebus Dokos [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The cut down installation is not working right :-) I did work on my JSU QL years ago when I created the cut down version. I don't even want to think about how many years ago that was. Tim Swenson

Re: [ql-users] good superbasic book ?

2004-12-18 Thread Timothy Swenson
It was my impression that when Quanta last printed the book, they owned the rights. My copy was printed in 1989 and it says quite clearly: Copyright 1989 Quanta So, either Quanta does own the rights, or the book I have is wrong. Either way, I think it would be nice to see it published

Re: [ql-users] good superbasic book ?

2004-12-17 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Fri, 17 Dec 2004 09:37:28 -, John Gilpin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Quanta has just one copy of QL SuperBasic - The Definitive Handbook by Jan Jones - Quanta Limited Edition. Published by QUANTA ISBN: 0 07 084784 3 Since Quanta owns the rights to the book, is Quanta going to be doing any

Re: [ql-users] QDOS

2004-10-15 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 05:55:33 EDT, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Back in the annals of history, there was a QDOS released for PCs There was a program called QDOS II from Gazelle Systems. It was a DOS shell program, like Norton Commander or Cueshell for the QL. I think it came out in the late 1980's.

Re: [ql-users] browsers

2004-09-15 Thread Timothy Swenson
For computer safety (and security) reasons I'm using Opera 100% at home. Supposedly Opera is the browser that is closer to adhering to the HTML standards. It is fully supported and being updated. I believe Mosaic is no longer being updated. I've also heard of Konquerer. On a Slashdot poll

Re: [ql-users] QPC on a Nokia Series 60?

2004-08-13 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Fri, 13 Aug 2004 11:10:39 +0200, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: BTW, for me UQLX-win32 was just a little experiment, I hope nobody expects a seriously tested software. Under Windows, Qemulator should provide similar 68k emu speed at more comfort. Personally, I'd love to to UQLX-win32 as a solid

[ql-users] TurboPTR under UQLX-win32

2004-08-11 Thread Timothy Swenson
Just to let you know I am having a problem running TurboPTR under UQLX-win32. When I run the example progorams, like EX1_TASK, I get an error Can't open my windows. I've tried TurboPTR under plain UQLX running under Linux and the example programs work fine. I've let George Gwilt know about

Re: [ql-users] how to get QL2K

2004-07-18 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Sun, 18 Jul 2004 08:15:28 +0200, Wolfgang Lenerz [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Wouldn't the alternatve be to install QPC2? No slight to Marcel, but QPC2 is commercial and costs $$. UQLX is free. When it comes to computers I always try for the cheaper route, esp. with software. Hence I

Re: [ql-users] OT: Who taught the Greeks to play football ?

2004-07-10 Thread Timothy Swenson
On Sun, 11 Jul 2004 00:31:15 +0100, Roy wood [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: only. Apart from that how come you have a 'World Series' that is only played by Americans ? The Major League Baseball (MLB) has a World Series because teams from the US and Canada are in the League. Canada has the Toronto

Re: [ql-users] 5.25 inch drive wanted

2004-07-06 Thread Timothy Swenson
I'm sure I've gone one or two running around, but I'm not so sure you want to ship all the way from the US. I can be a last resort. Tim Swenson ___ Internet Access, Shared Dedicated Web Hosting. Colocation and Domain Name

[ql-users] LRESPR'ed TK2

2004-07-06 Thread Timothy Swenson
I'm trying out UQLX under Linux. I've got a copy of TK2_BIN that I used to run on my QL before I got a Gold Card. Every time I load it and CALL it, the emulator freezes. Anybody got a version that is known to work under UQLX? Tim Swenson

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