Re: [Ql-Users] R: QL-VGA

2020-01-17 Thread Derek Stewart via Ql-Users
Hi, I use Thunderbird to read the QL Forum which uses RSS feed, you need to setup the feed to the RSS reader with the QL Forum Feed address: This reads the new QL Forum messages to Thunderbird RSS reader and I use a Web Browser to enter messages with the link

[Ql-Users] R: QL-VGA

2020-01-17 Thread Davide Santachiara via Ql-Users
Hi Marcel, I know the pain to explain what in principle should be very well known, but could you explain a little bit more in practical details how you configure/use the RSS reader (sw etc)? Because I admit I am not very used to QL Forum and find a little bit awkward to navigate through it