Re: [ql-users] Minix for QDOS

2005-09-18 Thread John Southern
On Saturday 17 September 2005 18:40, Dilwyn Jones wrote:
 Anyone know if there indeed was a Minix system for the QL and what
 happened to it?

There was definitely a Minix for the QL. I seem to remember buying a copy from 
somewhere in East Anglia. I think (it was a very long time ago and I gave my 
copy to Jerry Davies) that it was in the hundreds of pounds.
Pretty sure it was advertised in QL World.
Must have been around 1990.

I also remember someone called Dondorp (Dondorth?) writing a version.


P.S. I can only find this old message:-

Message 618  1990-09-18 21:48  5 lines  by Erik Slagter
Comment to message by Hans Hoelscher % MAUS HB
Subject: MINIX on QL?
  I hope there is a MINIX version for the QL too, isn't it?
  It would be great!

Minix 1.1 is available for the QL in cdiffs from ST 1.1

--- QBoss v1.01b
 * Origin: The Link says: And now... Something completely di (2:283/501.3)

End of message 618 by Erik Slagter

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Re: [ql-users] Help

2005-09-05 Thread John Southern
On Monday 05 September 2005 21:10, Robert Newson wrote:
 Can anyone help me regarding the multi-input din socket on a Sony TV?
 (Namely what each Pin could represent?)

Depends on what model?
Could be a S-Video, AV cable, EIAJ for video camera support, EVID-30 etc.,

What model TV and how many pins on the connector?

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Re: [ql-users] Archive - ALTER command

2005-05-14 Thread John Southern
On Saturday 14 May 2005 15:10, John Gilpin wrote:
 I seem to remember, a long time ago, using the Archive ALTER command with a
 list of field names so that although you have (say) all the fields of a
 database visible on the monitor screen, by putting only some of them into
 the list, you only ALTER those fields listed, ignoring those which are not

 I now cannot find any reference to the above in any Archive book or manual
 and I can't remember the syntax for the list.

 Can anyone out there help me please :-) or tell me I'm mistaken in the
 first case?:-(

That would be the SInclair QL Manual Archive Reference section Chapter 12 
pages 41 and 42 :-)

This says:-

Alters the current screen layout to display the current values of the 

Syntax alter

You can change the contents of any one or more fields of the current file 
whose values are shown in the screen layout. Note that it is not necessary 
for all the field variables to be shown. You can not change a field that is 
not shown. If none of the field variables appear on screen, Archive forces a 
display of the file.

First select the field to change by pressing TABULATE or ENTER until the 
cursor is at the correct filed (variables that are not fields of the file are 
skipped). You can then type a new value or use the line editor to modify the 
existing value. Press TABULATE or ENTER to move to the next field. (Pressing 
SHIFT and TABULATE together moves back to the previous filed).

When you have made all the changes you want, press F5 to replace the old 
record with the new one. The record is replaced automatically if you press 
ENTER. If the file is ordered the new version of the record is inserted in 

John S
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Re: [ql-users] Quanta AGM 2005

2005-05-08 Thread John Southern
On Monday 09 May 2005 00:04, Tony Firshman wrote:
 I need help with a couple of names.

Unknown.  I am forgetting names in my old age.  Help -- Roy Kempton?

John S
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Re: [ql-users] Ghostscript 6.0

2005-04-22 Thread John Southern
On Friday 22 April 2005 19:15, Duncan Neithercut wrote:
 Anyone an expert on Ghostscript. Have installed it on my Q60, and it
 works very well, prints postscript files and text and graphics.
 It comes with some utility scripts one of which allows the
 printing of text files directly to the printer without conversion to
 postscript. This works well also.
 My problem is that this script should also convert text files to
 postscript as a file.
 When I try to do this according to the manual I get an error message
 indicating that I have not passed it all the info it needs to do the
 job yet it has been set up according to the manual. Has anyone used it
 or GS generally?

Try the following

gslp test.txt

This uses the Ghostscript line printer to generate the postscript file called from the test.txt file.

John S
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Re: [ql-users] Ghostscript 6.0

2005-04-22 Thread John Southern
On Friday 22 April 2005 21:51, Duncan Neithercut wrote:
 Thanks but thats the manual seems to say  what I have been using
 without success. do you need to specify an output device or font in
 command line as well?

No to both questions. I have just run it here and as you can see below it 
generates a postscript file.

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/stella$ ls
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/stella$ gslp test.txt
Printing test.txt
Page height = 71.
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/stella$ ls  test.txt
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/stella$ cat test.txt
test file
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/stella$ cat
/B {save 3 1 roll translate /X 0 def} def
/BL {save 3 1 roll 90 rotate translate /X 0 def} def
/E {showpage restore} def
/V {neg X exch moveto} def
/M {/X 2 index def neg moveto} def
/S {currentfile =string readline pop show} def
/RE {findfont dup length dict begin {1 index /FID ne {def} {pop pop} ifelse} 
forall /Encoding ISOLatin1Encoding def currentdict end definefont} def
/BFont /Courier-ISOLatin1 /Courier RE 10 scalefont def
/HFont /Courier-Bold-ISOLatin1 /Courier-Bold RE 10 scalefont def
50.4 784.812866 B
HFont setfont
-13.04 V
S test.txt
170.4 -13.04 M
S Sat Apr 23 00:37:32 BST 2005
460.8 -13.04 M
S page 1
BFont setfont
0 18.5 M
S test file
29 V
S 1
39.5 V
S 2
50 V
S 3
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/stella$   

John S
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Re: [ql-users] Hove Show and AGM

2005-04-19 Thread John Southern
On Tuesday 19 April 2005 10:04, Dilwyn Jones wrote:
 Off the top of my head, that's most of what I can remember, anyone else
 remember anything else important to mention?

Not important, but I also stood down from the Quanta committee and Sarah 
Gilpin became the secretary of Quanta ;-)

John S
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Re: [ql-users] Fw: RE:Quanta AGM

2005-03-31 Thread John Southern
On Thursday 31 March 2005 18:28, Tarquin Mills wrote:
 I going to put forward a special resolution for next year to abolish
 clause 11.0 (Honoraria) which basically means giving officials money out
 of Quanta funds. At worst this is corrupt, at best a waste of precious
 money that could be better spent elsewhere. If this clause 11.0 goes
 some people might join Quanta.

Has this clause every been used?
Speaking for myself, I would happily vote to delete this clause to remove any 

John S
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Re: [ql-users] Fw: RE:Quanta AGM

2005-03-31 Thread John Southern
On Thursday 31 March 2005 19:20, gwicks wrote:
 I think there is something that is a more urgent priority. I was surprised
 to discover this year that committee members do not pay a subscription.
 This is not in the constitution and I have no idea when and why it was

 As a matter of principle I have made a donation to Quanta equivalent to the
 subscription. I wonder what other committee members have done,

Well, since you ask the question, I can confirm that I have paid my membership 
for this year.

I came onto the committee last April (2004) and as such had already paid my 
membership fee in January 2004. The usual practise has been for committee 
members to then not pay a subscription while serving and to receive a free 
subscription the year after they stand down to make up for the year when they 
initially stand. As such I could then expect to get Jan 2005 to Dec 2005 
subscription paid for by Quanta.
I have already paid Jan 2005-Dec 2005.

My reason for payment is a far more simple excuse. I also pay associate 
membership fees giving an annual fee of £24. Rather than having to change 
direct debit forms and Quanta receiving unusual amounts, I just continue to 
pay my normal fee and the difference is treated by Quanta as a donation.
Nothing Machiavellian, I just cannot be bothered with the excess paperwork to 
gain £14 pounds and I might then forget the following year.
I have in the past not paid on time and been late because I assumed that the 
fees matched the magazine, running Feb to Jan, when in fact they run Jan to 

The constitution clearly states that committee members can award this free 
When this first came into practise I do not know. Perhaps the previous 
Treasurer, John Taylor, can remember, but I suspect it was before his time.

John S
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Re: [ql-users] Quanta AGM

2005-03-29 Thread John Southern
On Monday 28 March 2005 17:58, Tarquin Mills wrote:
 1. What would Geoff Wicks do differently as leader?
 2. Why should I approve Special Resolution 2 when they can have
enough members by co-opting?
 3. Why should I approve SP1 when it stops the top posts changing
democratically (new clause 5.3), and the burn out has already happened?
Imagine if the Magazine Editor post had been done this way.
 4. Is anyone other than The Chairman of the meeting offering to
do proxy voting for me?

If you are not going to attend, can I request a proxy form soon? The final 
date for receipt is Sunday.

I have received a few forms that indicate the form is not as clear as it could 
be. This is where individuals have voted for BOTH John and Geoff as Chairman. 
While this may be a novel solution, it is unfortunately an OR option.

Speaking (typing) as myself and not on behalf of the committee :-
1. Ask Geoff !
4. If no one else offers, as a last resort, I am happy to act as your proxy as 
long as you direct me to which way you want to vote.

John S
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Re: [ql-users] [OT] What happened to BACC

2005-03-25 Thread John Southern
On Friday 25 March 2005 10:39, John Taylor wrote:
 Quanta is still affiliated to BACC as the insurance cover has to be
 obtained through them.
 John Gilpin should have the details.
 I attended several of the BACC AGM's and found them very disappointing.
 As Chairman of ACCUS you should be able to attend,
 Try it.  I wish you luck.

Whether BACC still exists is a bit of a mystery. It has no web details.
Browsing the web, I can find a reference to BACC on the Association of Acorn 
User groups web page however the copyright date is 

In April 2003, the Sutton Library Computer club said that BACC was no longer 
offering equipment cover.

The Cheshunt Computer Club amended its online flyer in July 2004 to indicate 
it was no longer affiliated to BACC

The Wakefield Acorn Computer (User) Group no longer appears to be in 

The Oric User Group is no longer affiliated.

John S
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[ql-users] Quanta Committee nominations

2005-01-28 Thread John Southern
Hello All,

As some of you may be aware, the Quanta committee is up for its annual 
re-election soon and nominations for committee posts need to reach me before 
the end of the month.

So far the tally is five nominations received.

Chairman - John Mason
Chairman - Geoff Wicks
Treasurer - John Gilpin
Secretary - Sarah Gilpin
Member - John Gregory

If anyone thinks that they have sent me another nomination by post or fax, I 
have not received it. Please contact me!
As things stand, there is just enough to make a quorum after the AGM, unless 
someone else volunteers, never mind the full eight positions that John Taylor 
suggests would be ideal.

Yes, you would come in for a little personal flak, but it is your chance to 
change things to how you want for a community that we all love and care 

Your Quanta needs you!
Positions available immediately in your area.
No need to delay.
The salary level is currently capped, but the benefits* (use of Quanta Yacht, 
Quanta Club house, Quanta Ski chalet, Quanta Tea Urn and Numbering Machine 
would also be available if we can find them!!) are all for the asking. Gosh, 
the benefits are boundless.

*Terms and conditions apply. Your sanity will be at risk.

John Southern
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Re: [ql-users] October / November Quanta Magazine

2004-12-01 Thread John Southern
On Saturday 27 November 2004 15:46, Rich Mellor wrote:

 BTW secretary AT quanta email address is still not working Does anyone
 have John's direct email address for me please...

Hi Rich,

OK try either

John S
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Re: [ql-users] Questionnaire

2004-11-26 Thread John Southern
Hello All,

Thank you Tony for the hard work and everyone who has taken the time to reply.

As the first few paper copies start to hit the letterbox, I can report that so 
far we have had 38 replies (both Quanta member and Non Quanta members).

The main systems are listed as :-

12 QPC
10 Aurora
5 Original QLs
3 Qemulator
3 Q60
2 Q40
1 Qlay

Remembering that people can mark down more than one wordprocessor or 

For Wordprocessors
22 Quill
15 Text87
7 Editor
4 Perfection
3 Paragraph

For Spreadsheets
19 Abacus
16 QSpread

John Southern

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Re: [ql-users] UQLX page on Yahoo

2004-06-30 Thread John Southern
On Monday 28 June 2004 21:22, Timothy Swenson wrote:
 When I try to connect to the UQLX main web page on Yahoo. I keep getting an
 Inactive site error message.

 Does anybody know of another site the Richard is now using?

The site moved to

Does anyone know of a way to get SMSQ/E running under UQLX?


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