Re: [ql-users] A4 or A5

2005-08-08 Thread John Taylor

On 8 Aug 2005, at 13:36, Tony Firshman wrote:

His wage bill, the biggest cost in most companies, will remain the
same. As will his other overheads,

Indeed, but applying this logic would mean that evyryone would charge
the same for the manual part of  any job.  Quanta is not his only
living, and jobs are related also to time taken.


The setting up will take longer on some jobs.
On a small run like Quanta, setting up would be over 80% of the total 
Never the less.  John Shelton has never shown any awareness of this as 
he always charges for the number of copies printed at a pre-arranged 
price per copy.
I prefer the printed A5 copy.   A4 increases the printing cost and the 
postage, and does not confer any great benefits.

This topic has been discussed several times at committee meetings, but 
they always forget why they turned it down last time.

John Taylor.

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[ql-users] Quanta Magazine

2005-08-01 Thread John Taylor

QL is 2!   (See page two of Quanta)
I can see why they used an exclamation mark, no one thought it would 
last that long.

John Taylor.

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[ql-users] Spelin'

2005-06-20 Thread John Taylor

I think Geoff might like this.

Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.
Eye strike a quay and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am rong oar rite
It shows me strait aweigh.
As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee four two long
And eye can put the error rite
Its rare lea ever rong.
Eye halve run this poem threw it
I am shure your pleased two no
Its letter perfect awl the weigh
My chequer tolled me sew!

John Taylor

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Re: [ql-users] [OT] What happened to BACC

2005-03-25 Thread John Taylor
Quanta is still affiliated to BACC as the insurance cover has to be 
obtained through them.
John Gilpin should have the details.
I attended several of the BACC AGM's and found them very disappointing.
As Chairman of ACCUS you should be able to attend,
Try it.  I wish you luck.

John Taylor
On 24 Mar 2005, at 16:52, Tarquin Mills wrote:
  Quanta used to be affiliated to the British Association of Computer 
BACC, what happened to this organisation and are there any 
apart from the american APCUG (Association of PC User Groups)?

   Tarquin Mills (Chairman)
ACCUS (Anglia Classic Computer Users Society) (We want a Spectrum +4)
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[ql-users] Jan Jones Book

2005-01-28 Thread John Taylor
I am still, however, very intrigued that the QUANTA limited edition 
that there is a Quanta  copyright and not that it was reprinted under
If you look in any technical book you will find that the publisher has 
accepted the responsibility for maintaining the copyright.
This appears to be standard practice and the Quanta publication was no 

John Taylor
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[ql-users] Jan Jones Book

2005-01-28 Thread John Taylor
John Gilpin
Don't get excited John.
John Mason wrote to me and because he put QLUser in the subject line it 
was re-routed into my QLUser folder.
I then replied to QLUser.
Sorry.  I have sent a copy to John Mason, but I agree with you, the 
project is a NoNo.

John Taylor.
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Re: [ql-users] good superbasic book?

2004-12-24 Thread John Taylor
Why it says Copyright 1989 Quanta I don't know, in fact all the 
reprints were dated 1989 as no one amended it.
The fact remains, copyright is with Jan Jones.  If Quanta had bought 
the copyright there would have been no need to make repeated payments  
to Jan Jones.
In any case I feel this argument is pointless as there are second hand 
copies available.  Rich has got three and doubtless there are many more 
that could be made available.
Quanta has one copy left and, if I remember rightly, has not sold one 
in the last five years.  How many requests have we had?

John Taylor

On Friday, December 24, 2004, at 05:55 AM, Timothy Swenson wrote:
On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 14:46:19 +, John Taylor 
You are wrong.
Quanta does not own the copyright to the Jan Jones book and never has.
Again, I refer my copy of the Quanta reprint sitting in my hot little 
hands, and it clearly states:

Copyright 1989 Quanta
This is from the Quanta Reprint Limited Edition of July 1989.  If 
Quanta does not own the copyright, then why did Quanta state that it 
does, in the book.

Tim Swenson
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Re: [ql-users] good superbasic book?

2004-12-23 Thread John Taylor
You are wrong.
Quanta does not own the copyright to the Jan Jones book and never has.  
  The agreement was that Quanta had permission to print additional 
copies in return for a royalty based on the number printed and not on 
the number sold.
Any other form of publication would require a new agreement.   It was 
also stipulated that no correspondence as to the books contents, syntax 
or understanding was to be considered, neither was the whereabouts or 
contact details to be divulged to any person who might want to make use 
of them.

This is the second time in as many weeks that you have guessed 
incorrectly and then stated it as fact.

I do not wish to discourage the committee from doing a further reprint 
but as sales would be limited you ought to show a far better 
understanding of what you are proposing.

If it is of any help, the last reprint Quanta did of the Jan Jones was 
photo copied and ring bound for less than £7.00, with little or no 
profit to Quanta as a later committee reduced the selling price.

A far better approach would be for Quanta to reprint copies of Rich 
Mellors manual which includes far more and is readily available as I 
believe Rich, or the printer, still has the files.

John Taylor
On Thursday, December 23, 2004, at 12:28 PM, john mason wrote:
I notice that Phoebus Dokos [EMAIL PROTECTED], on Friday 17 Dec 
2004 20:48:19 -0500, suggested that consideration be given to a 
further reprint of QL SuperBASIC by Jan Jones -

Sounds a good idea in principle, and I am quite willing to cause it to 
be investigated; but until the likely order of cost can be determined 
no commitment to do so can be given.

Touching briefly on how it might be reproduced - yes it could be OCR'd 
etc., but it is likely to be cheaper to photo-scan, and then print it 
using lithography

However, the copyright of this book rests in QUANTA, who acquired it 
from Jan Jones for the benefit of Quanta members.

Quanta is regarded by the taxman as a self trading company, that is 
to say it trades solely for the benefit of its members, and thus it is 
not liable for tax on its earnings from sales to them.

The positive answer for those who are not at present QUANTA members is 
to join QUANTA and pay an annual subscription of £14 which includes a 
free bi-monthly magazine, and the right to buy goods such as Jan's 
book. At the same time you are strengthening the only voice that is 
competent to speak for users as a whole of the QL and its derivatives

May I wish all ql-users a Joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year

John Mason
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[ql-users] Jan Jones Book

2004-12-23 Thread John Taylor

Quanta is regarded by the taxman as a self trading company, that 
is to say it trades solely for the
benefit of its members, and thus it is not liable for tax on its 
earnings from sales to them.
Are Quanta actually allowed to sell to non-members in that case? 
Assuming sales to non-members are allowed, tax would presumably have 
to be paid. And you'd have to keep records.

It wouldn't matter. A solution such as the one I propose would have 
someone else making the actual sale :-)

Quanta is registered as a 'Friendly Society' and as such is exempt from 
VAT and Corporation Tax provided all trade is internal.
Should Quanta be found to be trading with the general public then 
corporation tax becomes due on ALL profit.
That is why no charges are made for entry to workshops.  Keeping tax 
records is already done and an Inland Revenue return is made every year.

If the Jan Jones book were sold through a third party, then the third 
party would have to hold the agreement, not Quanta.
The current agreement is with Quanta for books printed and sold by 
You could say, that the agreement was made with Quanta on the 
understanding that Quanta sold to it's members, avoiding that, 
whichever way you choose, would in my understanding be inadmissible.

I am sorry if I am a wet blanket but I have felt for a long time that 
there is a serious lack in the perception of what Quanta is and what 
Quanta is not.
Dilwyn made the point that Quanta membership was based on a 
subscription to the magazine.
Nothing could be further from the truth.  The subscription is for 
membership to Quanta, period.
Having paid, YOU are Quanta.  This does confer certain rights, such as 
a magazine and attendance at AGM's
It also involves accepting some responsibilities, and this is where the 
members tend to be lacking.
If members fail to support Quanta it starts to fall, then it is blamed, 
but who should you blame?  Quanta is YOU. It is not just a committee.
If you feel the committee is at fault, then that too is your fault, it 
is your committee.

This may sound unpalatable, but it needed saying.  The secretary has 
asked for nominations for the three officers and up to six other 
committee members.
Is anybody doing anything?

John Taylor
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[ql-users] ZX fun

2004-12-22 Thread John Taylor
Merry Christmas to all.
have fun and try this.
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Re: [ql-users] Microdrives - how do you store yours?

2004-12-13 Thread John Taylor
On Monday, December 13, 2004, at 10:52 PM, Tony Firshman wrote:
On  Mon, 13 Dec 2004 at 19:13:38, Dilwyn Jones wrote:
What I really want is a QuBIDE, but SWMBO has curtailed any futher
oldecomputer related orders until finances improve :(
I have one for sale - bigger hint!!
You haven't read Rider Haggard - She who must be obeyed
 QBBS (QL fido BBS 2:252/67) +44(0)1442-828255
   Voice: +44(0)1442-828254   Fax: +44(0)1442-828255
TF Services, 29 Longfield Road, TRING, Herts, HP23 4DG
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I always thought this was John Mortimer's  Rumpole of the Bailey 
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Re: [ql-users] Whither or Wither ?

2004-12-13 Thread John Taylor
On Monday, December 13, 2004, at 11:40 AM, John Hall wrote:
I'm not sure what you mean by 'levels'.
I meant levels of emission  At the time very little was understood as 
to what would constitute acceptable levels of emission.
I wrote to the Board of Trade and the MP Malcolm Rifkin ( recommended 
by George Gwilt ) but did not receive any conclusive answers.
A local manufacturing company was consulted as they were known to be 
involved and they expressed the opinion that as the radiation from the 
SGC was less than that from several other computer components that bore 
the CE (sorry about that) mark no one could have a valid claim against 
I don't think this complexity was understood by all the committee and I 
did not feel that any advantage would have been obtained by informing 
I had enough stick from some of them when they found out I had 
purchased memory from America without informing them first.

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Re: [ql-users] Questionaire

2004-11-30 Thread John Taylor
Non Contributing = Thou Shalt Not Pay.
Indiscriminate does not include using apostrophe's ' as quotation marks.
John Taylor writing as nobody in particular.
On Tuesday, November 30, 2004, at 12:33 PM, Tony Firshman wrote:
On  Tue, 30 Nov 2004 at 11:23:47, John Taylor wrote:
Did you say that as Tony or T F Services?
We need to know.
It was too early in the morning to know.
Maybe it was neither..
John. Writing as: Non Contributing member of Sutton Coldfield Flat
Earth Society and Indiscriminate Apostrophe Users Association.
.. but you d'd not use one ap'str'phe (8-)#
Is that what 'non contributing' means.
 QBBS (QL fido BBS 2:252/67) +44(0)1442-828255
   Voice: +44(0)1442-828254   Fax: +44(0)1442-828255
TF Services, 29 Longfield Road, TRING, Herts, HP23 4DG
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[ql-users] DD Agreement

2004-11-24 Thread John Taylor
Jim and John
You have missed the point of my post.
I would have had an agreement, a simpler one, not something dreamt up 
by an amateur lawyer who is trying to impress.
What I am still trying to say is, put a proposal before the committee 
and all they see is problems.
Opportunities  don't seem to get a look in.
QL2004? That proposal was an opportunity.  The committee killed it.   
It was successful in spite of their antipathy.
QL2005?  That too was on it's deathbed and suddenly it is being 
resurrected in October!
The credit for this must lay with Geoff Wicks.   Involuntary activity 
is not a committee phenomenon.
Now I see we are going to have a committee meeting at Byefleet on 
I wonder what brought that sudden rush of blood to the head, or have 
they got a proposal?
We shall see, but I fear my breath will be severely bated.
All the discussion has taken place here.
Why do we have no discussion in the magazine?
The scope for the committee to promote the QL is still there.  Let's 
have no more excuses.
Just do what you have to do properly and promptly.

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[ql-users] Quanta

2004-11-23 Thread John Taylor
Didn't they extend a loan to DD systems to get the Q60 built 
Yes they did, and a very straight forward and successful arrangement 
it was
and fully repaid within 12 months. This is the sort of thing that 
would be willing to consider for other projects but no one has come 
with a project.
John Gilpin.(Treasurer)
It wasn't quite as simple as that John.
Dennis and Derek asked me if it were possible to get Quanta to market 
the Q60 so that they could concentrate on the production.
I agreed to approach the committee on their behalf.
The Chairman, Robin Barker, called a meeting specifically to discuss 
that and DD were invited to attend.
Previous to the meeting the proposal had already met with a flat 
refusal from the Chairman.
He was however willing to discuss financing DD and to that end John 
Mason turned up with a two and a quarter page legal agreement.
This despite not having put in an appearance at two previous committee 
My first reaction was to get up and walk out.   If DD were to be 
trusted, a simple statement, even a verbal one, would have been binding.
If they weren't to be trusted then we shouldn't have been dealing with 
Finally it was agreed that DD would submit all invoices to me for 
payment and I would instruct the Quanta Treasurer to make the required 
In return, when a sale had been completed they would send the money to 
me and I would place such money in to the Quanta bank account.
I kept records and would have acted on these in the event of a dispute.
Trust was not always in evidence I am afraid, especially from Robin 
Barker and John Mason.  The rest of the committee merely acquiesced 
when requested by the Chairman.
If the financing of projects is to be conducted in this manner, then 
they are dead in the water, for heavens sake, we are dealing with 
people we have known for years.
Therein lies the problem.  John Mason has never been active among the 
Quanta members or the QL community beyond the traders, the Dorset sub 
group and the committee.
I have said it before.  Attitudes are too deeply ingrained in the 
current committee, it has become a little closed shop or mutual 
admiration society.
For a healthy active committee you have got to have conflict.   The 
members must believe in what they are doing even if the others disagree.

John Taylor
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[ql-users] Quanta

2004-11-19 Thread John Taylor
I like the way all the ideas about what Quanta should be in the future 
are developing.
Haven't we heard it all before?
Believe me, none of the proposals are original, they have all been 
discussed and muted, in some cases, several times.
The last thing the committee wants is a list of items for future 
What is wanted is someone who is willing and able to stimulate some 
This, it must be admitted will be impossible with the present 
committee.  Attitudes there are too deeply ingrained.
To put it simply, they have lost the plot.
So too have the members of Quanta.
There has been little or no evidence of any interest in what the 
committee are doing and as a consequence the committee have shown very 
little interest in what the members are doing.
Perhaps Quanta has the sort of committee it deserves.

Quanta for many years was the backbone of the QL scene and it could be 
You have three months to sort out the mess, and by that I mean, find 
the right people, elect them, then support them
Launching QL2005 could be a start.

John Taylor
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[ql-users] Gold Card Battery

2004-07-22 Thread John Taylor
The Gold Card battery is the red, about one inch square block with four 
pins, the positive and negative pins are marked on opposing corners.
The other two pins are unconnected and are there just for stability.
If I remember rightly there is an identifying number on the top.
It can be eased out and checked quite simply and is easy to replace.

John Taylor 

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