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2017-06-16 Thread via Ql-Users
Hi Wolfgang, You got the point, Jose Leandro (ref here http://hardware.speccy.org/temp/qubide-i.html) wrote a similar sw but a part for some incompatibilities it does not fill the gap as the sw does not allow to transfer Qubide files to a .win file for instance but only to standard DOS files.

Re: [Ql-Users] QxlwinReader

2017-06-16 Thread Peter Graf via Ql-Users
Wolf wrote: > A new version of QxlwinReader is available on my site, better handling > of Qubide image files. For those like me who didn't find it quickly: http://www.wlenerz.com/QLstuff/#qxlwinr ___ QL-Users Mailing List