[Ql-Users] Subject: Re: PCB Design v7.52

2017-07-30 Thread Michael Bulford via Ql-Users
Whenever I try to run any new SBASIC code, there is this overlapping problem of some variable names used are possibly already installed as resident procedures. The code then either does not work as intended, or can stop with an error message. In these circumstances, I usually have to go

Re: [Ql-Users] Quanta Magazine

2017-07-30 Thread John Gilpin via Ql-Users
Hi George and others who have also missed the Apr/May issue of QUANTA eMag, After considerable investigation, it would appear that having sent the Apr/May Issue of QUANTA eMag out in two batches, I may have sent the same batch out twice! Some time ago, I sent out the eMag out as one batch but