[Ql-Users] Publishing Off-ICE

2020-03-08 Thread simon629--- via Ql-Users
Publishing Off-ICE   What ever happen't to it  it it   still possible to download it somewhere. does anyone no   Because it is a missing piece  to my   ICE Desktop what I Have for Q-emulator  any Info OK All the Best  Thanks Simon Foster ___ QL-Users

[Ql-Users] SMSQESprites

2020-03-08 Thread Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users
Hi, a new version of SMSQESprites is out. This has been extensively revamped and comes with new features (can be driven by command line , converts to/from pictures or sprites, compression, alpha channel, can process whole directories etc...). wlenerz.com/qlstuff Have fun, Wolfgang QL is