[Ql-Users] QL-VGA

2020-02-28 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
QL-VGA prototype review on my blog... https://dilwyn2.wordpress.com/2020/02/28/ql-vga/ (Note: review based on a working prototype, product not yet available at time of writing. Marcel has kindly given me permission to write this today). Dilwyn

[Ql-Users] QBits Software

2020-01-29 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
I've added quite a few QL software packages from QBits to my site this week. These are mostly updated versions of older QL software from the company. Games, file handler, sound and graphics programs are included. Mostly in BASIC with PDF manuals. When these were announced on QL Forum, many

Re: [Ql-Users] SMSQmulator 2.28

2020-02-07 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
Thanks Wolfgang. Have copied this and the SMSQ/E update announcement to QL Forum for information. Dilwyn SMSQmulator 2.28 is out now. (www.wlenerz.com/smsqmulator) ___ QL-Users Mailing List

[Ql-Users] QLWARZ 02

2020-02-11 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
QLWARZ 02 Per Witte has released version 02 of his QLWARZ utility to stretch, refresh, or defragment a hard drive on QPC2. As there is no way to extend a QXL.WIN filing container, this program takes the next best approach and formats a new one with a different capacity and copies directories

[Ql-Users] Greek Psion Programs For QL

2020-02-12 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
Greek Psion Programs For QL Thanks to Christos Kotampitsis, I’ve been able to add a DD disk image (plus a zip file version) of the four Psion programs for the QL – Archive, Abacus, Easel and Quill, Greek versions. The package is based on version 2.43 of the programs, if the boot programs

[Ql-Users] P.I.Cole game

2020-02-15 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
P.I.Cole-The Case Of The Missing Doxie I've added Andrei Tenu's game, P.I.Cole-The Case Of The Missing Doxie to the Adventure Games page on my website. In this game you play the part of detective Cole and you have to find a missing woman. The story gets more complex as you play. Collect

[Ql-Users] Test email

2020-01-20 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
Test email, using different email address. Ignore! Dilwyn ___ QL-Users Mailing List

Re: [Ql-Users] LaunchPad

2020-03-06 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
Sadly, this list doesn't seem to allow graphics and the email was received as plain text anyhow, so the screen dump never came through. Are you referring to the screen picture on http://qlheaven.blogspot.com/ by any chance? That shows the most recent version of Launchpad, running in high

Re: [Ql-Users] 16th Italian Sinclair QL meeting (virtual) - Report

2020-04-14 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
Fabrizio Diversi wrote: Thank you Davide, I enjoy a lot during the meeting for the news, for the possibility to view people and new devices directly in their environment. Some light in this difficult period is needed. It is an event to replicate soon, maybe also at international level.

Re: [Ql-Users] QUANTA

2020-04-17 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
Read the JOIN QUANTA page on the MEMBERS tab on Quanta website at www.quanta.org.uk - I quote: "Join QUANTA --- Membership: Full membership, with the magazine sent in PDF format by email, is now free but must be renewed on a yearly basis to keep in-line with GDPR regulations.

Re: [Ql-Users] QL User grapic competition from 1985: Tree

2020-04-16 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
I wonder if this could be the same Andrew Pritchard who wrote some QL software such as QL Conquest, Reversi, SAM, SWIPE, ADVgen, Playwright and Scriptwriter for CGH Services back in the 1980s? I'm afraid I don't have contact details or know if he can be reached. Some of his software is on my

Re: [Ql-Users] QUANTA

2020-04-17 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
Dilwyn How do I get Back Copy's Hi have most of them but I need The ones from 2015 2016 and 2017 in PDF Format Can You Help Me Dilwyn OK All the Best Simon Foster On Friday, 17 April 2020, 12:37:20 BST, Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users wrote: Read the JOIN QUANTA page on the MEMBERS tab on Quanta

[Ql-Users] QL-VGA case article

2020-03-19 Thread Dilwyn (gmail) via Ql-Users
I've written an article on my blog about making a case for my QL-VGA prototype. Important to realise that this is a prototype board - the finished product may differ a little. But it was quite easy to do and will protect the board and looks tidier than a bare board.