[Ql-Users] Hello Rich and Dilwyn, and anyone else interested

2018-06-25 Thread paul via Ql-Users
Hello out there, Urs has left the Building. With him goes a 'working' QL PM code, the ROMs and the Dongle melded into a single file that fired up in an emulator. Once he gets home and the box of stuff he also picked up, including a 'PM' QL sorted out, he just might have some news to share.

Re: [Ql-Users] Ql-Users Digest, Vol 174, Issue 5

2018-08-09 Thread paul via Ql-Users
Subject: [Ql-Users] QL-SD progress Work on QL-SD is still moving along, the driver has reached version 1.07 and seems pretty stable now: https://www.kilgus.net/soft/qlsd107_bin.zip There is also a new version of the loadable DEV device (or actually it's the version that already comes

Re: [Ql-Users] Ql-Users Digest, Vol 184, Issue 4

2019-06-10 Thread paul via Ql-Users
-- Message: 1 Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2019 22:19:25 +0100 From: Derek To: ql-us...@q-v-d.com, Giorgio Garabello via Ql-Users , ql-users Subject: Re: [Ql-Users] Updating my QLE Message-ID:

[Ql-Users] The Editor

2019-07-04 Thread paul via Ql-Users
I have old memories of doing some fairly complex editing of some stuff whilst using 'The editor' on my trusty QL many years ago. Might have been when I was an editor and submissions to the print shop had to be on a PC format disk. So of course I had to figger out the read/write tricks of PC

[Ql-Users] Keyboard membranes

2019-11-07 Thread paul via Ql-Users
I'll mention I still have 'new' but older stock, replacement QL keyboard membranes. Anyone want to buy whats left?? -- Paul Holmgren Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and

[Ql-Users] found unused stuff

2019-10-18 Thread paul via Ql-Users
While the mood is with me, I manage to get through a box or 3 that has been tucked away for years. Decided I could tackle the task once again the other day, and after the first box, settled for a smaller one as the last one today. FOUND: Knew I had the stuff, but a 'one of the top 10 life

[Ql-Users] Just a small

2019-09-22 Thread paul via Ql-Users
test to see if this still comes my way. -- Paul Holmgren "I'm not sure that pasteurized thinking is rich enough in intellectual vitamins" Keith Laumer ___ QL-Users Mailing List

[Ql-Users] drats

2020-03-22 Thread paul via Ql-Users
The daffydills are in bloom, the baby daffydills too, other spring flowers have sprung, the helleborus are late, guess winter didn't have enough cold days and its snowing now -- Paul Holmgren JCI #74145 "It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no