Re: [Ql-Users] FiFi 5.01

2018-09-01 Thread Wolf via Ql-Users

Hi all,

Due to some linking problems, the non-english versions of FIFI 5.01 
didn't work - I've re-upped the correct version now.

Thanks to Giorgio for spotting that.

(scraping the egg off his face)
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Re: [Ql-Users] FiFi 5.01

2018-08-31 Thread Urs Koenig (QL) via Ql-Users
Wolf wrote:
> FiFi 5.01 is out. It contains various bug fixes including an Lrespr bug
(thanks to
> Marcel for pointing this out) and there is now an italian version (thanks
> Giorgio Garabello for translations).
Great news! Appreciate! 

Would be great to see more software available in French and Italian beside
English and German.

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