Re: many processes open

2000-08-01 Thread Dave Sill

Toens Bueker [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

From inetd(8):

The optional `max'' suffix (separated from `wait'' or `nowait'' by a dot)
specifies the maximum number of server instances that may be spawned from
inetd within an interval of 60 seconds. When omitted, `max'' defaults to 40.

That's a rate limit, not a concurrency limit.


Re: many processes open

2000-07-31 Thread Chris, the Young One

On Mon, Jul 31, 2000 at 12:03:12PM +0200, Marco Benetton wrote:
! @4000398064413962161c delivery 303: deferral: 

Error 23, in Linux (not such a big assumption seeing that your libc is
called :-)), is ENFILE (File table overflow). Essentially,
your system cannot open any more files. It's just a temporary situation,
just wait it out and hope you don't get more SMTP connections. :-)

! I have set the file concurencyremote=20 and concurencylocal=10
! but how is possible that I have 328 qmail-smtpd process in a time.

concurrencyremote and concurrencylocal do not affect how many
qmail-smtpd processes can be run. Having 328 connections seems to
me to be doable only if you invoke qmail-smtpd via inetd (see

Try using tcpserver from the ucspi-tcp package instead. It has a
concurrency limit of 40, by default. See

Good luck,
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