[qmailadmin] Problem when trying to edit user (with quota) - qmailadmin-

2003-01-14 Thread Alexandre Barbosa
When i try to select the option "Change" user at the main screen, i receive the following message. "warning: file name is symbolic link mod_user_new.html" I'm using qmailadmin-

[qmailadmin] Fix to user edit problem with qmailadmin-

2003-01-15 Thread Alexandre Barbosa
I found the problem when trying to modify the user when the Quota is ON. File user.c Original Lines #ifdef MODIFY_QUOTA if (AdminType == DOMAIN_ADMIN) { send_template( "mod_user_new.html" ); } else { send_template( "mod_user.html"

[qmailadmin] feature request for 1.0.11

2003-02-14 Thread Alexandre Barbosa
I suggest an option to configure the location of the images, some thing like --images-path=/images Alexandre Barbosa

[qmailadmin] qmailadmin-1.0.12 - images problem

2003-03-06 Thread Alexandre Barbosa
I'm using the new feature --enable-imageurl= It works fine except at the login page and the main menu. The problem is in the files list below main_menu.html show_login.html show_login_help.html

[qmailadmin] qmailadmin-1.0.12 - quota problem - bug fix

2003-03-06 Thread Alexandre Barbosa
I found a bug, if you set a quota for a user the qmailadmin convert from MB to bytes with .00 at the end. --- File util.c int quota_to_bytes(char returnval[], char *quota) { char *tmpstr; double tmp; if (quota == NULL) { return 1; } if (tmp =

[qmailadmin] qmailadmin-1.0.28 - Installation problem

2003-11-17 Thread Alexandre Barbosa
-vpopgroup=vchkpw make make install-strip I apreciate any help. My regards, Alexandre Barbosa