Re: [qubes-users] Networking issue with sys-whonix, missing vif*

2021-04-01 Thread Josef Johansson
Hi, As another data point: This is happening in debian-10 as well. However not in debian-11. On Friday, 19 March 2021 at 20:24:57 UTC+1 awokd wrote: > Vladimir Lushnikov: > > Hello, > > > > Since updating to latest Whonix 15/Qubes R4.1, I am having issues with > > sys-whonix not bringing up

[qubes-users] Re: How to build Qubes with patches from Xen ?

2021-04-01 Thread Josef Johansson
Hi, You should take my words with a grain of salt since I'm doing this the first time around. But anyhow. Go to and make sure you have a Fedora VM to download everything to, and plenty of space. Download a builder.conf file from

Re: [qubes-users] HCL - MSI-GP72-6QE Leopard Pro

2021-04-01 Thread Sven Semmler
Thank you A. Luciani for your HCL report! Since you haven't provided any notes/comments I assume everything works for you? Your HCL report is now part of this pull request: ... and will be visible on the website soon! /Sven -- public key:

[qubes-users] Re: Poor battery life running Qubes

2021-04-01 Thread Josef Johansson
Hi, Just curious, is xen-acpi-processor module loaded in dom0 (lsmod / modprobe xen-acpi-processor) and what does xenpm get-cpufreq-para tell you? On Monday, 29 March 2021 at 16:07:53 UTC+2 wrote: > Hi there > > I've been using Qubes for about 18 months now, and it's great.

[qubes-users] Backup to SMB mounted NAS in AppVM

2021-04-01 Thread Beto HydroxyButyrate
Last night I tried to run QubesBackup, selecting an AppVM as the target, and then selecting the SMB-mounted (r/w) folder. The backup process started, and the progress bar presented a small sliver of blue on the left, but was 0%. Nothing was ever written to the target. No errors were ever

[qubes-users] HCL- Dell-Latitude-E6320(intel i7)

2021-04-01 Thread A Luciani Qubes-HCL-Dell_Inc_-Latitude_E6320-20210401-215801.yml Description: Binary data

[qubes-users] Re: Audio on HP Z8

2021-04-01 Thread Beto HydroxyButyrate
Turns out someone had disabled the audio device in the BIOS. Can't imagine who I now have a built-in audio device which knows it has a place to plug in headphones. Sweet. On Wednesday, 31 March 2021 at 18:40:33 UTC+10 Beto HydroxyButyrate wrote: > Just tried to listen to something on my

[qubes-users] Re: Compiling XEN 4.15 in vmm-xen

2021-04-01 Thread Josef Johansson
So basically, since I'm moving from 4.14 to 4.15, there is a lot of dependencies e.g. core-libvirt, qubes-vchan-xen and kernel-qubes-vm that needs to be recompiled against the new xen-devel. I just missed the warnings about xen-libs not being possible to upgrade. core-libvirt fails on 3 tests

[qubes-users] Screen shot: open in DocumentViewer in AppVM

2021-04-01 Thread Beto HydroxyButyrate
When I screen scrape in dom0, one option is to open in DocumentViewer in one AppVM. I assume it is because this is the only AppVM I have DocumentViewer added to the big menu. Anyway, nothing ever happens. Does anyone use this? Has anyone used this? I also try "Copy to the ClipBoard"

[qubes-users] HCL - MSI-GP72-6QE Leopard Pro

2021-04-01 Thread A Luciani Qubes-HCL-Micro_Star_International_Co___Ltd_-GP72_6QE-20210401-040340.yml Description: Binary data Qubes-HCL-Micro_Star_International_Co___Ltd_-GP72_6QE-20210401-040340.cpio.gz Description: application/gzip