Re: [qubes-users] The safest way to search in files on an external hard drive

2021-06-03 Thread Rusty Bird
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA512 Michael Singer: > I am looking for a really secure way to use Qubes for searching not > only a hard drive for file names, but for text that is in files. > > The goal is to avoid an exploit in the searched files leading to a > takeover of the hard

[qubes-users] [HCL] ThinkPad T430

2021-06-03 Thread Sven Semmler
A dream has come true! * ThinkPad T430 * Coreboot/Heads with TOTP & HOTP (Nitrokey) * ME cleaned & disabled * Qubes OS R4.0.4 all debian-minimal, memory optimized Upgrades: * i7-3740QM * 16 GB RAM * 2 TB SSD * Intel Wireless 7260 * 1080p display I'll be using this machine for a long long