[qubes-users] Let's discuss about Windows Managers WM

2019-09-28 Thread Sake
Hello wizards I found very few resources on WMs except the official doc. What is your WM and why? Do you have something to say about configuration? Especially when it comes for QubesOS? Can you link some good advises? Did you notice that the official doc for awesome is more rude about windows

[qubes-users] About qubes-os.info/ or alternatives

2019-09-28 Thread Sake
In response to Re: [qubes-users] why mail-list? Le 2019-02-07 23:38, marmot-te a écrit : > Thank you for https://qubes-os.info/ > I'm discovering it. > > There is now just one thing who is boring me : i don't like google and > don't want to feed the monster. > There are others free services for

[qubes-users] sudo root or sudo bash without password for building Qubes

2019-09-28 Thread acharya . sagar . sagar5
I tried to make things work using Qubes built iso but the updates (dom0) instead of stabilizing the system, broke it. I couldn't boot up! I'm trying to build Qubes in which I face problem in making "sudo bash" run without password. While there are some solutions which ask to make edit in

[qubes-users] Correct user & permissions on /rw/config VPN Qube related files

2019-09-28 Thread 'ScoreB' via qubes-users
Dear all, Recently I set up a VPN Qube using a ProxyVM as a VPN gateway using iptables and CLI scripts as described step-by-step [here](https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/vpn/#set-up-a-proxyvm-as-a-vpn-gateway-using-iptables-and-cli-scripts) (the official documentation). It worked like a charm (even

Re: [qubes-users] Per-VM stream isolation in Whonix

2019-09-28 Thread tetrahedra via qubes-users
On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 01:37:06PM +, Claudia wrote: Isolating apps in the same VM is a different issue, but you're saying traffic from different VMs is appearing to come from the same address? Hmm, that definitely should not be happening. VM isolation is enabled out of the box. Different

Re: [qubes-users] R4.0.1 Initial Setup wizard didn't run

2019-09-28 Thread duc01k
'awokd' via qubes-users: > duc...@disroot.org: >> Hi, >> >> Just installed R4.0.1 onto a friend's PC and the Initial Setup wizard >> didn't run on first boot into the fresh installation, so we have no VMs. >> How do we initiate this manually? > >