[qubes-users] How to hide all except one USB controller?

2017-12-22 Thread 'Chris' via qubes-users
Hi, I bought a second internal USB controller (A) to connect a flash drive for booting from SD. How can I prevent the internal controller(B) (with the keyboard attached) to be recognized during startup? I can still type my boot password with it, that means the controller is visible, right?

[qubes-users] DMA attacks are possible not only via USB?!

2017-12-17 Thread 'Chris' via qubes-users
Hi, I am wondering a bit what this USB & NetVM shielding are really buying me. I am switching from a laptop to a desktop, so it may remain unattended for quite a while and thus could be exposed to hardware access... The hardware access will be mild, meaning I could imagine someone to

[qubes-users] Qubes OS and latest hardware (8700K)

2017-12-14 Thread 'Chris' via qubes-users
Hi, will Qubes OS 3.2 work with the 8700K desktop CPU that was just released? I've heard conflicting reports. If not, will 4.0 support it? I read that you need Kernel 4.12 (I believe) but even Qubes 4.0 seems to be stuck with 4.8... Is this just a matter of "perfect" support or are they

Re: [qubes-users] Re: What are the disadvantages of NOT having vt-d?

2017-12-13 Thread 'Chris' via qubes-users
I see.. But currently I am using Qubes 3.2 and 4.0 last time I tried was VERY unpolished, I am not sure I am going to look at it before support for 3.2 expires... It's not like I would not have the money to buy a 7700k, but I want to avoid spending money if not necessary that is why I want to

[qubes-users] What are the disadvantages of NOT having vt-d?

2017-12-13 Thread 'Chris' via qubes-users
Hi, I am an avid user of Qubes OS and I love what you have done. Finally I have a feeling of security and a peace of mind... I am not a security person but I kinda do care about it and have some basic understanding and am slightly paranoid. I am currently running a DELL Precision 5520, which