[qubes-users] [Bug?] whonix-ws clock out of synch after suspend (R4.0)

2018-05-15 Thread Dimitri
Hi, I noticed that the clock in whonix-ws based VMs is not synchronized after sleep mode. If I have my computer in sleep mode for 2h then the VMs clock is 2h in the past. To me this looks like a bug. Large clock skews can potentially harm anonymity. -- You received this message because you

[qubes-users] Drop-down menus don't show properly in IntelliJ IDEA (R4.0 / i3)

2018-05-06 Thread Dimitri
Hi, I want to use IntelliJ IDEA under Qubes R4.0 (with i3 wm). On a right-click the IDE shows a drop down menu. However, this disappears immediately. I did't have this issue in R3.2. Also all the drop down menus in IDEA have window title. In other apps the drop-down menus just have a thin

[qubes-users] Bug (R4.0): VM fail to start after hard power off

2018-04-02 Thread Dimitri
Hi, I realized that some VMs refuse to start after a hard power-off (hold power button for 10s). When running 'qvm-start test' I get 'vm-test-private missing'. But this thin volume is actually there. Also the volume 'vm-test-private-snap' is still present. Does the snapshot not get written back

[qubes-users] How to change default pool for app-vms in R4

2018-03-30 Thread Dimitri
Hi, I have a small SSD for the templates and a large HD for the app-vms. I found this on how to configure secondary storage: https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/secondary-storage/ But I didn't figure out how to set the secondary storage as the default for app-vms. How can this be done? Ideally, the

[qubes-users] Intel AMT Vulnerability CVE-2017-5689

2017-05-11 Thread Dimitri
The 'Intel Management Engine' is something like God on your CPU. Unfortunately its creators were quite human. This manifests in imperfections, also known as bugs. CVE-2017-5689 is one of those (https://www.ssh.com/vulnerability/intel-amt/). Successfully exploiting a bug in the ME will make an

Re: [qubes-users] Archlinux template build fails: 'readdir_r' is deprecated

2016-10-09 Thread Dimitri
Am Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2016 11:17:30 UTC+2 schrieb Jimmy Axenhus: > Den 2016-10-09 kl. 11:05, skrev Dimitri: > > I didn't build the archlinux template for a long time. Once it worked as > > described here https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/templates/archlinux/ but now it > >