Re: [qubes-users] large files can't open in DispVM

2021-03-20 Thread Ernesto Dorado Puga
sto Dorado Puga wrote: > > Could you confirm me if there is a limit of size of the file that can be > > opened into a DispVM?. > > Yes, it's whatever size you gave to the private volume of the DVM Template. > > So let's say your Template is called 'fedora-32-dvm', then open i

[qubes-users] large files can't open in DispVM

2021-03-18 Thread Ernesto Dorado Puga
Hi, when I try to open a large video file of 1.6GB into a DispVM I get the next error message: *write: No space left on devicewrite: Connection reset by peerqopen-in-vm: Fatal error: send file to dispVM (error type: Connection reset by peer)* The command I use is: qvm-run-vm '@dispvm'