[qubes-users] unable to install enigmail in debian-9 template

2018-10-21 Thread Josefa Hays
I've been using the Enigmail-plugin for many years. However I just realized it had disappeared from Thunderbird. When trying to reinstall it in the Debian-9 template I get the following error: === $ sudo apt-get install enigmail Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree

[qubes-users] HOWTO restore old qubes-backup in Q4.0-rc3 using qvm-backup-restore?

2017-12-22 Thread Josefa Hays
Hi mailinglist, (I know many developers are busy building 4.0, so I won't quarrel about the missing GUI - I just wanna restore my backups :-) ) I recently installed Q4.0-rc3. I have an old qubes-backup (from 2016) on a LUKS encrypted external HDD. How do I restore my backup in 4.0 using