[qubes-users] Backup verification error

2018-10-17 Thread Kelly Dean
On Qubes 4.0, I did a full backup to an external hard drive using the standard backup utility, which completed successfully. 225GB total, compressed 130GB, took about 12 hours. Then I tried to verify it (restore with verify-only option), and watched it for a few minutes to make sure it was

Re: [qubes-users] Incredible HD thrashing on 4.0

2018-08-13 Thread Kelly Dean
Chris Laprise writes: > Can Qubes access all of that RAM? Look at the total_memory figure from > 'xl info'. Yes, it can. One additional data point: after the typical one-minute boot time for a qube, it's using no swap space, and dom0 is also using no swap space, even though both do have

Re: [qubes-users] Extreme CPU usage by dom0 on Qubes 4.0

2018-08-13 Thread Kelly Dean
awokd writes: > I haven't had any of those problems you listed. Only thing I can think of > are the basics- have you installed anything in dom0? Did you install a > release candidate of Qubes, then upgrade? Do you have enough RAM to > comfortably support the amount of running VMs? Nothing

Re: [qubes-users] Incredible HD thrashing on 4.0

2018-08-13 Thread Kelly Dean
Unman writes: > I don't recognise this on a somewhat under powered laptop with HDD - > definitely not "minutes at a time". Is there something significant about > the disks that you cite, or are those just examples? Nothing significant about #21 in particular. The thrashing procs are whichever

[qubes-users] Xenstore flakiness

2018-08-10 Thread Kelly Dean
On Qubes 4.0, I get intermittent bugs when using qvm-prefs. One example: [user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-prefs sys-whonix netvm sys-firewall [user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-prefs sys-whonix netvm "" usage: qvm-prefs [-h] [--verbose] [--quiet] [--help-properties] [--get] [--set] [--default]

[qubes-users] Extreme CPU usage by dom0 on Qubes 4.0

2018-08-10 Thread Kelly Dean
For no apparent reason, dom0 suddenly starting consuming practually all CPU power, and the system is unusably sluggish. Have a dual core Core-i3, and xentop says dom0 is taking anywhere from 112% to 201% CPU. top in dom0 shows load average ranging from 2 to 3. Occasionally qubesd, qvm-pool, or

[qubes-users] Incredible HD thrashing on 4.0

2018-08-10 Thread Kelly Dean
Has anybody else used both Qubes 3.2 and 4.0 on a system with a HD, not SSD? Have you noticed the disk thrashing to be far worse under 4.0? I suspect it might have something to do with the new use of LVM combining snapshots with thin provisioning. The problem seems to be triggered by

[qubes-users] Spontaneous rebooting

2018-08-10 Thread Kelly Dean
Am I the only one having a problem with Qubes spontaneously rebooting on Intel hardware? Only other reports I see are about AMD problems, but I'm using an Intel Core i3. Happens every few weeks. Sometimes just 1 or 2 weeks, sometimes 5 or 6. Got it on Qubes 3.2, and now 4.0 too (new

Re: [qubes-users] USB VM based on fedora-26 doesn't pass block devices

2018-02-23 Thread Kelly Dean
awokd writes: > I wonder if this might be related to a recent patch in testing. Are both > your dom0 and templates on the same repository (current vs. testing) and > updated? A recent patch also required a reboot once both were updated. Both on current, and both updated, and rebooted since last

[qubes-users] USB VM based on fedora-26 doesn't pass block devices

2018-02-20 Thread Kelly Dean
I'm getting the same bug as reported at https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/2018 The bug was originally reported against r3.1 and fedora-23-minimal, and fixed in r3.2 and fedora-24-minimal. However, I'm getting it on r3.2, using fedora-26 (full, not minimal) for both my USB VM and

[qubes-users] Keyboard AltGr bug

2017-07-31 Thread Kelly Dean
In Qubes 3.2 with i3, in any qube, regardless of which template I use, and regardless of which physical keyboard I use, the right Alt key is useless when mapped as AltGr, because it generates spurious Alt_L events. With a standard American keyboard (or Polish one; they're equivalent except for