[qubes-users] How to open a file in a certain AppVM by a single double click (for secure file management)?

2020-12-15 Thread Rainer Neumann
in a certain AppVM or in the same dispVM. It takes a too long time to open every file in an extra dispVM. B) It would be very useful, if the file in the file management qube opens only by a double click in a certain qube for file view. Does anybody have a solution? Many thanks, Rainer Neumann -- You

[qubes-users] Are known cpu bugs a risk as long as I work with Qubes OS?

2020-12-07 Thread Rainer Neumann
Thank you, Sven, for your answer to the topic of qubes-hcl-report. I have one aditional question. If I type in a console "cat /proc/cpuinfo", I get an output, where one line is called "bugs". It looks like my cpu has a lot of bugs: null_seg, cpu_meltdown, spectre_v1, spectre_v2,

[qubes-users] "CPU-short: FIXME": What does the qubes-hcl-report want to say me?

2020-12-01 Thread Rainer Neumann
nt 20 seconds). A) What could be the reason for the output "FIXME" in the report? B) Is it important to fix the bugs, shown by the command "cat /proc/cpuinfo" (but how?)? C) To which Qubes developer mail address can I send the .cpio.gz-file (HCL Support Files) in an encry