[qubes-users] 4.0 rc-4 Blank screen on Installation

2018-02-16 Thread SM
Hi I am having the same problem with my hp eny. Although installation was successful but after booting into qubes after installation I get the blank screen. I think there is some graphics tweak needed. Haven’t solved it yet. Hoping to get some help. Thanks -- You received this message

[qubes-users] Re: 4.0 rc-4 Blank screen on booting

2018-02-13 Thread SM
Hi Yuraeitha As for the laptop part it’s a fairly old machine, and it does satisfy the hardware requirements. I did have Debian stretch installed previously and it was working great. For the hardware warning part the installation starts without any warnings and boots into graphical installer

[qubes-users] 4.0 rc-4 Blank screen on booting

2018-02-12 Thread SM
Hi I installed qubes 4.0 rc-4 on my hp laptop the installation went perfectly fine. I rebooted after the installation was over, laptop boots into qubes and after a few lines passing by there is a blank screen endlessly. I am dual booting with windows. Is there anything that I need to modify I