[qubes-users] Re: Qubes 4.0-rc2 :: VMs fail to start

2017-10-25 Thread derpytorp
On Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 1:26:51 PM UTC-4, [799] wrote: > Hello, > > As at least one other Qubes user has the same problem, that VMs won't start, > I'll add this as special topic. > > I've made a clean install of Qubes 4-rc2 but ~70% of the time I can't boot > the VMs. > This includes

[qubes-users] (Urgent) How do I uninstall qubes or install anything else over it

2017-10-10 Thread derpytorp
Qubes OS 3.2 has a tendency of overwriting all drives on all attached storage mediums during installation. You should ha e removed it physically before hand. Just a thought but perhaps you changed a setting in bios dissallowing boot from certain disk partitions/boot types. This would happen if