[qubes-users] Re: Qubes 4.0 rc3 Windows ISO issues

2017-12-27 Thread jsmith5634h
So I managed to get past this bug by starting a fresh VM and using qvm-prefs kernel parameter set to ''. This results in the VM at least recognizing the iso and starting the windows installation process. Unfortunately it crashes at the Windows logo. Looking around it does look like others are

[qubes-users] Qubes 4.0 rc3 Windows ISO issues

2017-12-24 Thread jsmith5634h
I have used Qubes 3.2 in the past with Windows HVM without any problems. I setup my Windows Standalone but having issues getting the system to boot with the iso. It is not even getting to the boot screen. When I start with the iso I get the error msg: Got empty response from qubesd. See