Re: [qubes-users] whonix workstation 15 browser dropped both noscript and https

2019-07-09 Thread 'jsnow' via qubes-users What are they doing over there? Really? I haven't upgraded to whonix 15 yet, and i'm really not very familiar with it, but i can't imagine that whonix would intentionally use a version of tor browser without noscript or https everywhere. Maybe you're affected by the

Re: [qubes-users] Re: Upgrading to whonix 15

2019-07-08 Thread 'jsnow' via qubes-users
Jon deps: On 7/7/19 10:06 PM, Steven Walker wrote: I am a virtual newbie to qubes. I am using 4.0.1 on a thinkpad T420. I would like to upgrade from whonix 14 to 15 without screwing anything up. Can anyone advise? Steve Uninstall old whonix-14   Reinstall  new whonix-15   search this

Re: [qubes-users] Is not safe to use Qubes OS 3.2?

2019-07-05 Thread jsnow via qubes-users
'awokd' via qubes-users: Hi, i'm asking because my hardware is not compatible with qubes 4.0 Is not safe to use Qubes OS 3.2? Thanks It is less safe to use 3.2 than it used to be when it was getting patches. It doesn't immediately become unsafe once it is no longer

Re: [qubes-users] Is not safe to use Qubes OS 3.2?

2019-07-05 Thread 'jsnow' via qubes-users
'awokd' via qubes-users: Hi, i'm asking because my hardware is not compatible with qubes 4.0 Is not safe to use Qubes OS 3.2? Thanks It is less safe to use 3.2 than it used to be when it was getting patches. It doesn't immediately become unsafe once it is no longer

Re: [qubes-users] Re: off topic - invite codes to 'riseup'

2019-05-01 Thread jsnow
Siddhatha: On Tuesday, October 28, 2014 at 11:26:49 AM UTC-7, wrote: Dear qubes-users, I am long time qubes follower and user. I apologize in advance if anyone feels this request is spam. I am looking for two invite codes needed to sign up to anonymous

Re: [qubes-users] How do I keep installed app working

2019-04-27 Thread jsnow
'Island Anchor' via qubes-users: Hi I installed app in Qubes and followed process sudo apt-get install git build-essential ... etc finally got to make then I was able to successfully launch the app in my folders. When I close the VM or shut-down upon reload I cannot run the app. However, if

Re: [qubes-users] Icons on my desktop security question?

2019-04-19 Thread jsnow Rookie question: 1) Why I didn't discover this before I don't know, simply drag the program from the Qubes drop down menu onto the desktop i.e. drag "Fedora-dvm-Firefox" or any other app program onto the desktop for easy access. Does this impact my Qubes security? It

Re: [qubes-users] Announcement: Qubes Tor onion services will no longer be maintained

2019-03-26 Thread jsnow My understanding is: The -gw and -ws templates, -dvm, appvm, etc and functionality will remain...correct? The onion site is going away...right? I have been keeping pretty good track of my changes from default install(dom0 and templates) over the past few

Re: [qubes-users] Qubes - Critique (long)

2019-03-17 Thread jsnow
John Goold: On 3/16/19 6:35 PM, wrote: [Question] So, what do other Qubes users do to protect their families in case they die/get killed, get imprisoned, go missing? In addition to (very) occasional full backups using default qubes tools, i also backup important data to

Re: [qubes-users] Qubes - Critique (long)

2019-03-16 Thread jsnow
Hi John, John Goold: * When launching a program from the Qubes menu, particularly if the target appVM has to be started, the program often fails to be launched. This happens very frequently with the Text Editor. This is annoying as one waits a bit in case one is simply being

Re: [qubes-users] Re: why mail-list?

2019-02-08 Thread jsnow
kitchm via Forum: The discussion includes the fine points about the legality of keeping the information of a mailing list on one's own computer for searching or referencing, or whatever some have thought it useful for. Obviously not a good idea for the security reasons stated. (I might add

Re: [qubes-users] How secure is a VM if a user tries to tampers it?

2019-02-08 Thread jsnow On Friday, February 8, 2019 at 10:24:17 AM UTC-5, Laszlo Zrubecz wrote: This kind of total (enterprise) control was planned for qubes 4.x - however I don't hear about real life usage. Yeah, I recall reading about that. I think this is what you're talking about?

Re: [qubes-users] Backup stops when the backup file reaches 3Gb

2019-01-23 Thread jsnow
Mike Keehan: Hi, I'm using Qubes Backup to save some of my qubes into another VM. The backup VM has 18 Gb of storage available, but whenever the backup file reaches 3Gb, the backup process just hangs. No CPU usage, no error messages, just stops. The backup window shows 40% complete, but never

Re: [qubes-users] QSB #46: APT update mechanism vulnerability

2019-01-23 Thread jsnow
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki: Summary The Debian Security Team has announced a security vulnerability (DSA-4371-1) in the Advanced Package Tool (APT). The vulnerability lies in the way APT performs HTTP redirect handling when downloading packages. Exploitation of this vulnerability

Re: [qubes-users] Using a Desktop Computer with Qubes (R 4.0.1)

2019-01-13 Thread jsnow
John Goold: Just discovered that there is only one USB controller (but 4 USB connector sockets). So when I tried to attach the USB controller to the appVM (had to set it to HVM), I lost the mouse and keyboard :-( I have got the impression from reading the documentation and posts to this

Re: [qubes-users] How to create AppVM?

2018-12-02 Thread jsnow
seshu: Hi, I'm really excited that i got 4.0.1 RC installed on my desktop. I'm a first time Qubes user, but have quickly come up to speed. One thing I haven't noticed in the Docs is how to create an appVM? I want to setup Google Chrome to play Netflix. But, do that in a separate appVM.

Re: [qubes-users] Can I set an unencrypted external HD as /home folder for a VM

2018-08-31 Thread jsnow
Guy Frank: > I tried Qubes once before but gave up because the hardware I had wasn't > compatible. I'm now giving Qubes another try w/ a new machine and had a > couple questions. Keep in mind I'm a newbie. > > One question I had is whether there is any way to set an unencrypted (or >

Re: [qubes-users] Qubes 4, qubes.UpdatesProxy policy, torify everything

2018-08-06 Thread jsnow > Hi again and thanks for answers to Unman and Ivan. > My last question is about qubes.UpdatesProxy policy. > Now the dom0 is being updated through sys-whonix-14 but all vm templates are > being updated over sys-net. > Is it possible to update everything over TOR

Re: [qubes-users] Qubes System Storage Max size

2018-05-27 Thread jsnow
Reza Naqshbendi: > Hi there, > > I'm using Qubes 3.2 with recently upgraded fedora-28. For one of my VMs > I wanted to increase the System Storage max size, I mistyped the figure > and went beyond what I wanted. I've set it around 100GB! I noticed > immediately but the problem is that I can't

Re: [qubes-users] whonixdvm isn't using updated torbrowser

2018-05-21 Thread jsnow
donoban: > On 05/21/18 06:45, cooloutac wrote: >> even though I'm updating the template. I have to keep choosing the >> option to restart the browser to update. > >> Anyone else experience this? I think maybe I should just delete it >> an recreate it. > > > I'm updating the whonix-ws-dvm (not

Re: [qubes-users] Re: why Whonix and not Tails or the anon-vm?

2018-05-21 Thread jsnow
Name: > well, it's not really my question, but I did notice that in these > semi-permanent  fedora-27-dvm  and whonix-dvm  that if I make bookmarks > in firefox they persist which surprises me, as I thought the whole point > was that with dvm's  nothing persisted,  I'm not sure I really >

Re: [qubes-users] Re: Install/Import KeePass and the Database

2018-05-16 Thread jsnow
Black Beard: > Hey again, > > i instll KeepassX on the Vm "Q" work and put the database in the same Vm. All > works perfectly. But if i try to open a website with the autotype function > nothing happend. > > Before i type crtl+k and under windows10 all works without any problems. If i > try

Re: [qubes-users] Re: Install/Import KeePass and the Database

2018-05-16 Thread jsnow
Black Beard: > Hey guys, > > i install KeepassX on the "Q" Domain Vault and copied the database to > "Q" Domain:personal. > > Yes, the database is in the folder QubesIncoming but i cant find the base > with KeepassX. > > Oh, Oh i must learn many... :) Oh, the database file has to be in

Re: [qubes-users] Re: Install/Import KeePass and the Database

2018-05-15 Thread jsnow
Black Beard: > Hey, > > i install KeepassX successfully. > > On my external HDD i have the database on it. Now i played a little bit with > the AppVm. > > On "Q" Service:sys-usb he find my external hdd. > > On "Q" Domain:Vault i install KeePassX before. When i try to put my database > in

Re: [qubes-users] Uninstall windows and install qubes

2018-05-15 Thread jsnow > Hi, I completed my tests on USB Qubes. Now I wonder, while installing Qubes, > will it give an option "replace Windows with Qubes" as in the case of Ubuntu? > My other relevant (real) question is, I have to fully format my PC (format > C:) (I want to get rid off someone I

Re: [qubes-users] VM maximum size is too small

2018-05-04 Thread jsnow
Reza: > That's what I do to change the size: > 1) I stop the VM > 2) I select it in the VM Manager (in DOM0) > 3) I click on "settings" icon (the wheel)and I increase the "private storage > max size" from 2048 to its max value 10240 (written right below as 'system > storage max size'). Hi, The

Re: [qubes-users] Difference between Whonix Workstation and Debian/Fedora?

2018-05-02 Thread jsnow
Daniil .Travnikov: >> It's possible to use a debian/fedora based appVM with firefox, connected >> to sys-whonix, and all connections will go through tor. >> >> But whonix recommends to use a whonix-ws based appVM with tor browser >> instead to reduce fingerprintability. Most tor users are using

Re: [qubes-users] Difference between Whonix Workstation and Debian/Fedora?

2018-05-01 Thread jsnow
Daniil .Travnikov: > Could anybody help me to understand what is the difference between Whonix > Workstation and Debian/Fedora? (I mean Templates VM in Qubes). > > When I want to use one of my Debian VM through TOR, I am turn on > Whonix-Gateway. > > And I am asking beacuse I don't understand

Re: [qubes-users] Re: debian-9 template

2018-04-28 Thread jsnow
john: > btw,  which file managers are recommended ?  Nautilus or Nemo  , I > believe I installed both, but what I see available is just called > "files" ; IIRC in debian-8  it was actually called Nautilus  or , sorry > if this is a debian question I like nemo better than nautilus, but the qubes

Re: [qubes-users] Preventing VPN leaks once VPN connection is disconnect

2018-04-22 Thread jsnow > I'm user of vpn bitmask software and accidentally, from time to time > connection disconnect and there is few second to connect again. > > How is easiest way to set up firewall rules that prevent leaks with clear and > unencrypted traffic? I'm pretty sure bitmask is

Re: [qubes-users] How to Alt-Tab Cycle Minimized WIndows

2018-04-17 Thread jsnow
anon432: > I'm hoping there is an obvious and simple solution, but I have looked through > every XFCE and window manager setting I can find. > > System: Qubes 4.0 stable. XFCE desktop. > > Current behavior: If a Window is Minimized, using Alt-Tab to cycle through > open windows does NOT show