[qubes-users] How to install Zimbra Desktop (eMail, calendar, tasks)?

2016-10-09 Thread martin.forum
Hello again, despite the security issue of not having encrypted email, I like the ZImbra Desktop (email, calendar, tasks). Detailed questions: - Which linux flavor should be used? - How to get the prerequisites done (ai32-libs and JRE)? - Where (path) to install Zimbra? - How to setup the data

[qubes-users] How to install MSOffice 2013?

2016-10-09 Thread martin.forum
Hello, it is more tricky than I thought - to install MSOffice 2013 on Win7 SP1. Question: How to install MS Office 2013 on a Standalone Win7 SP1? What I have tried so far: 1) Proper Standalone Win7 Setup with „Bootstrap“ issue - Installation of a standalone Win7 SP1 by following the

[qubes-users] How to mount USB with ISO in Windows-Template

2016-09-23 Thread martin.forum
Hello, I have successfully installed Qubes 3.2-rc3 (xfce yes) on a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (4th edition / 2016). After the installing issue, I have setup a Win7 template by following the documentation. By the way - thank you for the documentation! BUT - How can I mount an USB stick with an