Re: [qubes-users] Re: qvm-sync-appmenus problems

2020-07-02 Thread verifiablelist
On 2020-07-02 18:04, anon wrote: sorry seems 1st posting body was empty , I move all items to the left in the template qubes settings, then hit 'refresh applications' ; shutdown template Qube, however in the Q menu still seeing every application , frustrating , I can trash the Template, but

Re: [qubes-users] New Qubes User here: Need guidance in safely & securely installing to DomUs/Fedora TemplateVM

2020-06-24 Thread verifiablelist
On 2020-06-24 08:04, Set Emeraude wrote: Problem 1: Without inadvertently risking ANY potential breaches to Dom0, or compromising the TemplateVM, how do I install software via the terminal safely. I am aware I can simply enable networking to the templateVM but I am unsure if that is the

Re: [qubes-users] better solution to configure firewall rules?

2020-06-22 Thread verifiablelist
On 2020-06-22 16:37, Sven Semmler wrote: Is there a better way for me to import the ranges from or any other such configuration and import them into a qubes firewall rules? You can add firewall rules from Dom0. I've got a one-liner that will read IPs from a file