Re: [qubes-users] Qubes Questions

2016-11-25 Thread Andrew David Wong
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA512 On 11/24/16 07:29, wrote: > * Finally, I am interested in the Purism Librem 13 laptop and noticed that it > was supported for Qubes R3.x but not R4.x. Is this because of some hardware > issues or because R4.x hasn't been

[qubes-users] Qubes Questions

2016-11-24 Thread rspeiglvera
First, I want to thank you for your efforts on Qubes OS, and for improving OS security/privacy in general. I am new to Qubes OS, have been enjoying it a lot, and have a few questions: * Primarily I would like to use Qubes for data science work. I understand that OpenGL is not supported for