Re: [qubes-users] R4.0-rc1 on T470: unable to boot (reboot loop)

2017-09-17 Thread rysiek
Dnia Saturday, September 16, 2017 3:16:16 PM CEST rysiek pisze: > Selecting any of the two options in GRUB ends up rebooting the device. Tried > removing "quiet" from kernel options, nothing changed. Any suggestions on > how can I get some debugging output? Problem solved. For the record, the

[qubes-users] R4.0-rc1 on T470: unable to boot (reboot loop)

2017-09-16 Thread rysiek
Hi all, first of all, hello. Been meaning to sign up for this list for some time, some of you might remember me from the IRC channel (from when I was setting up my own Qubes devel builds). Anywhoo. I decided to give R4.0-rc1 a spin on my Thinkpad T470, and after successfully going through the