Re: [qubes-users] How to split into two gateways

2020-06-23 Thread Jarrah
> Can someone please tell me if you were able to achieve the following? > - Have two NICs handling two separate sys-net > - Behind each sys-net their own firewall > - behind the firewalls their own set of VMs. Yes, the machine I am on has this setup. Both sys-net VMs have a dedicated NIC PCI

[qubes-users] New Windows Launching Wrong Monitor

2020-06-23 Thread Qubes
Hi I have two monitors connected to my Qubes laptop and it works really well with one exception. When ever I launch certain programs, or a settings window of that program, the window always opens on my laptop screen, even though I have one of the external monitors configured in System Tools

[qubes-users] Re: Happy Father’s Day

2020-06-23 Thread River~~
No problem, I understand. It's also worth looking at the OU. They accept ppl onto their foundation courses without prerequisites. Most of their foundation courses are 60pts, some are 30pt. Once you get 120pts that is equivalent to having completed the first year at Uni. Back when I was working

[qubes-users] Failed to use snort ( sys-net )

2020-06-23 Thread Joo Nasss
Can anybody Help me. If I started snort in sys-net, with Fedora 31 package, IT failed to find the preprozessor and the Others pre Tools. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "qubes-users" group. To unsubscribe from this group and stop receiving emails

[qubes-users] Kernel Panic using kernel-latest from current-testing and RX5700XT

2020-06-23 Thread Jarrah
Good Morning, Is anyone else getting a kernel panic at "amdgpu_debugfs_init" booting the new 5.7.4-1 kernel from current-testing with an AMD GPU? I'm not particularly worried about it because the GPU didn't work with 4.0 anyway and the bug doesn't affect 4.1. I'd like to know whether anyone else

Re: [qubes-users] Global Dark Theme For Qt (KDE) Based Applications

2020-06-23 Thread Sven Semmler
-BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE- Hash: SHA512 On 6/23/20 9:47 AM, Qubes wrote: > Would anybody here know how you apply a global dark theme to your > AppVM(s) for Qt (KDE) based applications like Amarok, Krusader, > etc? Install qt5ct and style plugins ... Fedora: sudo dnf install qt5ct

[qubes-users] Global Dark Theme For Qt (KDE) Based Applications

2020-06-23 Thread Qubes
Hi There is a very nice article in the Qubes docs,, explaining how to (manually) enable a dark theme globally for your AppVMs. A fairly straight forward settings might I add. But the setting only applies to GTK (GNOME) based applications. Would

Re: [qubes-users] Move To a Larger Disk

2020-06-23 Thread dhorf-hfref . 4a288f10
On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 04:11:56PM +, 'Matt Drez' via qubes-users wrote: > I was trying to move my Qubes to a bigger disk. I used clonezilla to > clone it. I was able to successfully boot up but Qubes was still > complaining that my disk is full. For some reason it doesn't want to > use the