[qubes-users] Re: QubesOS weekly builds

2021-03-21 Thread Beto HydroxyButyrate
Trying to use the info provided to kick off my own ISO build. This posted links to does not use the `QubesBuilder` approach, as it references stuff apparently checked out to ~/qubes-src, rather than ~/qubes-builder/qubes-src. Is this different approach to building documented? What else should

[qubes-users] HCL - Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model Early 2020 RZ09-0330

2021-03-21 Thread 'Henrik Kramselund Jereminsen' via qubes-users
-HCL-Razer-Blade_15_Advanced_Model__Early_2020____RZ09_033-20210321-193043.yml Description: application/yaml

[qubes-users] QubesOS weekly builds

2021-03-21 Thread Frédéric Pierret
Hi, As some of you may know, months(years?) ago, I've setup a pipeline that is automatically PR latest kernels for Qubes OS and more recently, pulseaudio headers too. This is done every week. At some point, I added the build of ISO including kernel-latest for users who were having issues with

Re: [qubes-users] HCL - Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model Early 2020 RZ09-0330

2021-03-21 Thread Sven Semmler
Thank you Henrik! Your HCL report is now part of this pull request: https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-hcl/pull/54 ... and will be visible on the website soon! /Sven -- public key: https://www.svensemmler.org/0x8F541FB6.asc fingerprint: D7CA F2DB 658D 89BC 08D6 A7AA DA6E 167B 8F54 1FB6 --

[qubes-users] tribler blocks/disables sys-firewall ?

2021-03-21 Thread haaber
Hi, I made a small test-vm running only tribler (see https://www.tribler.org/ for this software). It seems to slow down sys-firewall so drastcally (example: ping from sys-net 16ms, from sys-firewall > 4000ms) that de-facto all internet traffic is blocked. I experimentally short-circuited

[qubes-users] RE: Spoofing CPUID to AppVM?

2021-03-21 Thread 'Null' via qubes-users
Hello, I am wondering if there is a straightforward way to spoof the CPUID to an AppVM, more specifically, to remove the "XenVMMXenVMM" string? I am aware of these patches: https://gist.github.com/dylangerdaly/2ec8172116e63fd56feb0cf95f4d5a69