[qubes-users] Qubes does not boot any more. Very abruptly. Who can help?

2021-10-26 Thread Michael Singer
Dear Qubes community, my qubes r4.0 legacy installation does not boot any more. Very abruptly, because I hadn't done any updates or changed anything in dom0 lately. There was also no power loss or anything. And I didn't move any larger files the last time I successfully used Qubes. Whenever

Re: [qubes-users] Re: [HCL] ThinkPad T430

2021-10-26 Thread Sven Semmler
One more update: I exchanged the 04W3269 (Toshiba) fan with a 04W3270 (Delta) fan, which is substantially quieter. Now the machine is perfect, well worth what it cost. -- public key: https://www.svensemmler.org/2A632C537D744BC7.asc fingerprint: DA59 75C9 ABC4 0C83 3B2F 620B 2A63 2C53 7D74