[qubes-users] Re: migration std. linux -> qubes : how integrate "old" user data

2017-01-05 Thread Blaumeer
On Thursday, January 5, 2017 at 10:40:38 AM UTC+1, haa...@web.de wrote: > b) Since the install is new, re-do it, let qubes reformat the internal > hdd as /home and then fetch my data from the backup? This is what I did: Fresh install on new SSD, configure suitable AppVM, import data from HD

[qubes-users] Re: Q4.0 Fedora-26 -> Fedora-28 python3.6 errors

2018-05-16 Thread Blaumeer
Similar situation, different error. Did upgrade to 28 with the python exclusions: [user@fedora-28 ~]$ sudo dnf --releasever=28 --setopt=cachedir=/mnt/removable --best --allowerasing distro-sync -x python2-xcffib -x qubes-gui-vm -x qubes-gui-agent Then: [user@fedora-28 ~]$ sudo dnf swap