[qubes-users] question about setting up VPN proxy vm

2017-01-23 Thread Brian LoBue
Hi All, I'm attempting to follow the docs here: https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/vpn/ and setup a proxyVM so I can tunnel traffic to a vpn for other appvms. I've setup the proxyVM and added the network-manager service in the vm's configuration. The docs next say to: "3. Setup your VPN as

[qubes-users] Trouble seeing software installed in template vm in an appvm that uses the template

2017-01-05 Thread Brian LoBue
Hi All, I've installed ruby in a fedora 24 template vm via "sudo yum install ruby". Everything seems fine at that point. "which ruby" points to "/usr/bin/ruby". When I start an appvm that is based on the fedora 24 template vm "which ruby" indicates that no application is available. I'm

[qubes-users] Recovery questions

2018-01-22 Thread Brian LoBue
Hi All, I recently upgraded my Qubes machine to run fedora-25 from fedora-24 as the main template vm. I switched all my application vms to use fedora-25 from fedora-24 in the VM manager. All was fine at this point. Then I decided to delete fedora-23 to reclaim some disk space. I followed the