[qubes-users] Re: Missing dom0-updates-directory after clean

2017-12-29 Thread James Goodwin
On Friday, December 29, 2017 at 3:10:07 AM UTC-8, Matthias Mueller wrote: > Hello, > > I'm using 4.0 RC3 and after a > > sudo qubes-dom0-updates --action="clean all" > > it looks like it cleaned a little a bit too much. If I try to update or > install something I get this error message: > >

[qubes-users] Re: lenovo t400 will qubes work with lenovo's bios?

2018-01-02 Thread James Goodwin
I'm running a Lenovo T420 with Qubes 4.0 RC3, and it's working fantastically. Qubes HCL Report says hvm, I/O MMU, HAP/SLAT, TPM, and Remapping all working. Sometimes it will report differently, but that's due to an incomplete xl dmesg. Not sure why it's incomplete, but everything is working