Re: [qubes-users] Qubes-vpn-support Tor Browser not working

2020-04-18 Thread Jarrah
> My goal is connect to my VPN after the TOR routing (Bypass the > tor censorpship in some websites). This somewhat defeats the purpose of using TOR. You now have an identifiable address due to having a (hopefully paid) vpn. They can track you. Any anonymity provided by TOR is taken away by the

Re: [qubes-users] TPM settings for Qubes OS

2020-04-27 Thread Jarrah
> "sudo dd if=Qubes-R3-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1048576 && sync" > Both produced exactly the same results, which is to install just fine, but > then fail when rebooting/initial configuring. Is this the exact command you are using? If so, why exactly are you using Qubes R3? 4.0 is the current

Re: [qubes-users] Dividing Qubes Into Separate Networks (FAILED)

2020-05-04 Thread Jarrah
> My apologies unman that I am not a Linux poweruser. I have only been using it > casually for the past 20 years. I have yet to run into a situation where I > was not able to configure my network on any SUSE/Slackware, Debian or RHEL > based systems. The reason I came here is to get help, not

Re: [qubes-users] Re: connecting an iPhone to a AppVM - 4 non-working attempts

2020-04-30 Thread Jarrah
> Right. That was my 5th non-working attempt, because I get this error, > when trying to attach my USB controler from my Lenovo L380: > > Start failed: internal error: Unable to reset PCI device :00:15.0: > no FLR, PM reset or bus reset available, see >

Re: [qubes-users] Connect to wifi - settings doesnt load

2020-05-12 Thread Jarrah
> Not able to run sys-net Settings. I would like to configure the wireless > networks. > > After adding "Settings" to sys-net in Qube Manager, clicking on "Service: > sys-net | Settings" produced no observable system response. > > Also running gnome_control_center fails. > > If i run: > > export

Re: [qubes-users] Dividing Qubes Into Separate Networks (FAILED)

2020-05-12 Thread Jarrah
> > I also have an almost identical setup. I wanted to do what you were > attempting (Zsolt) but had the same outcome so I quit trying . I thought it's > not possible. I tried following this old article but the commands did no > longer work the same way >

Re: [qubes-users] Connect to wifi - settings doesnt load

2020-05-12 Thread Jarrah
> clicked save, but i didnt find a way to actually connect to it, how do i do > that? Try left clicking on the same icon. You should receive a list of available networks. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "qubes-users" group. To unsubscribe from this

Re: [qubes-users] Connect to wifi - settings doesnt load

2020-05-12 Thread Jarrah
> If i left click I only see ethernet network, could it be that my network > device is not working? I have Wireless Intel AX201 11ax, 2x2 + BT5.0. There are a few reports on this mailing list of that not working from a few months back. See "[qubes-users] Missing wifi on Intel NUC10i7FNK" for

[qubes-users] AMD RX 5700 XT suddenly stopped working with Qubes

2020-05-17 Thread Jarrah
Good Morning, About a month ago, kernel-latest 5.6.4 was released which resolved the issues booting Qubes on the RX 5700 XT. This has been working and stable since this time. Yesterday I installed a number of updates (including Xen and kernel-latest) and (after the updates had completed) had an

Re: [qubes-users] AMD RX 5700 XT suddenly stopped working with Qubes

2020-05-17 Thread Jarrah
> Doesn't seem likely that it's a kernel problem if 5.6.4 used to work > and now it doesn't.  What was the bios issue? > A power fault caused it to drop all settings. I believe I have reset it to the previous config and, at a minimum, it is compatible with Qubes without the problem card. --

Re: [qubes-users] AMD RX 5700 XT suddenly stopped working with Qubes

2020-05-17 Thread Jarrah
> At this point, I would rather suggest you to check in changelog of kernel > if there would be related commits but still, post a BZ issue on kernel. > There are a couple in 5.6.11 that I will have a better look at tomorrow. Not sure this will be it though. The system fails to boot on both 5.6.4

Re: [qubes-users] How to bridge a subnet ot the firewall

2020-05-07 Thread Jarrah
>> you are simply sniffing the wrong side of the SPS. >> sniff the downstream interface(s) instead of upstream. > wouldn't a tcpdump -i eth0 sniff rx tx? You will get the NAT'd addresses with this. You want to listen on the vif* addresses. eth0 is the upstream interface. In your SPS it goes

Re: [qubes-users] Connect to wifi - settings doesnt load

2020-05-14 Thread Jarrah
> I think my problem is common and also new, i read the thread you sent me > and many more but couldnt understand how to do the workaround? I read that > intel ax201 works on fedora perfectly, but on qubes no, how should i update > the fw? Can you please explain the steps or refer me to a good

Re: [qubes-users] Next update of Qubes?

2020-05-23 Thread Jarrah
> I see that Qubes does not announce planned new releases of Qubes, or state > what should trigger an update. Releases are announced when ready for testing. In addition, releases of templateVMs are announced in the Qubes-users/devel mailinglists. > I am between updating Qubes with Fedora 32,

Re: [qubes-users] Grsecurity+Debian 10 has issues when PCI devices are being attached

2020-10-08 Thread Jarrah
> I've been trying to get a Debian 10 sys-net running with grsecurity as a > kernel. However, i've been running into some trouble when the PCI devices > are being attached to it. libxenlight is giving me errors and the PVH VM > will never even attempt to boot. Just to check, are you trying

Re: [qubes-users] Can hardly run anything? every dom0 command results in Errrno2?

2020-10-08 Thread Jarrah
> xvdj  202:144  1 931.5G  0 disk > ├─xvdj1   202:145  1 1G  0 part > └─xvdj2   202:146  1 930.5G  0 part >   └─Templates 253:0    0 930.5G  0 crypt > > When i ls ~/Templates it shows nothing. You have successfully decrypted the partition, but not mounted to "~/Templates".

Re: [qubes-users] Creating a sys-usb for my desktop?

2020-10-14 Thread Jarrah
> Add rd.break at the end of kernel options > mount -o remount,rw /sysroot > chroot /sysroot > qvm-prefs sys-usb autostart False > exit > exit This is the first half, which will stop the VM from starting. The other half is to remove `rd.qubes.hide_all_usb` from the kernel Commandline. For UEFI,

Re: [qubes-users] Can hardly run anything? every dom0 command results in Errrno2?

2020-10-11 Thread Jarrah
> First, thanks to Jarrah! > I inadvertantly booted my computer with my defucnt instalation plugged > in and it booted my desktop drive on my laptop... go figure, but > regardless I was now able to use Jarrah's response to mount and copy > over most of the appvms (actually just mo

Re: [qubes-users] Installing Qubes OS contributed packages? (rofi and tunnel packages)

2020-10-17 Thread Jarrah
> I just tried to install qubes-tunnel in a fedora template and that > also didnt work, > > sudo dnf install qubes-repo-contrib && sudo dnf install qubes-tunnel Try with `dnf install --refresh --enablerepo=qubes-repo-contrib qubes-tunnel`. It may be that either the new metadata hasn't come

Re: [qubes-users] Can hardly run anything? every dom0 command results in Errrno2?

2020-10-07 Thread Jarrah
>> Ok so on the mount from other os page its not totally clear for me. >> >> I do have a barebones qubes system on another computer (laptop), so >> would/should I take my ssd from my desktop connect it (have an adapter >> cable) to my laptop then "pass" the whole disk to an isolated appvm? Yes,

Re: [EXT] Re: [qubes-users] Google requiring login to access qubes-users

2020-08-18 Thread Jarrah
> With the changes in Google Group's interface, I'm tempted to abandon this > place entirely and shift to mail, but for the sake of having more > participants, it'd be nice to have the forum/mailing list somewhere less > restrictive. There was quite a large discussion about this under the

Re: [qubes-users] Fresh Install of Qubes 4.0.3 - No Wi-fi on sys-net with Intel Wireless-AC 9462 Card

2020-08-20 Thread Jarrah
> Hi All, Hi, > As a complete novice who has never even touched Linux before, I read > through the introductory documentation and finally through the install > guide. Then I performed a fresh install of Qubes 4.0.3 on a an ASUS ZenBook > Flip 15 UX562FA directly over Win10. Everything went

Re: [qubes-users] [TemplateVM error] could not resolve host: #2

2020-09-24 Thread Jarrah
> > user@kali:~$ git clone > Cloning into 'katoolin'... > fatal: unable to access '': > Could not resolve host: Git does not know about the update proxy. Have a look at

Re: [qubes-users] Any reason I shouldn't be able to use an internal sound card?

2020-09-25 Thread Jarrah
>> Is there any reason i shouldn't be able to (fairly easily) use an >> internal sound card with Qubes? If not, any recommendations on sounds >> cards that work well with Qubes? >> Thx! > Or USB as well, actually would one necessarily work/be more compatible > than the other? I can vouch for

Re: [qubes-users] Witch one is the best?

2020-09-19 Thread Jarrah
> > My question is, would some of the newer/faster AMD CPUs and chipsets > work with Qubes? I can speak for the 2000 series working. I believe some people have working 3000 series, but 4000 has been a serious issue. Not sure if that's the CPU or the specific laptop.

Re: [qubes-users] startx over ssh leads to many new Qubes windows

2020-09-19 Thread Jarrah
> Here's exactly what I do: > $ ssh -X me@host. The `-X` here forwards all X11 windows on the remote host back to your local machine. Is this your goal? > $ /usr/local/bin/startxfce4 --with-ck-launch This will start a bunch of X11 windows, which are then forwarded back to you. -- You received

Re: [qubes-users] Typed text being copied to clipboard, etc

2020-10-25 Thread Jarrah
> 2. How do I make installed changes to an AppVM survive a reboot? Such as when > I install Opera or Brave browser, if I need to reboot I usually have to redo > the installation, or parts of it like libcurl. Software that you want to survive reboots or use on multiple AppVMs should be

Re: [qubes-users] Template Installation Problem

2020-07-04 Thread Jarrah
> What do you mean I am trying to install the Fedora-32 template in > dom0? I am issuing the command to do it from dom0 yes, but I am not > trying to install it in dom0 itself as the dom0 OS. I am not > performing an upgrade from 31 to 32, which would have to be done in > the template itself, I am

Re: [qubes-users] Re: HCL - ASRock-X399-Taichi

2020-07-11 Thread Jarrah
> Correction: I meant UEFI install, not IOMMU. I can't brain today, apparently. > IOMMU works and can be enabled from the BIOS settings as well. > BIOS-compatibility mode is enabled by default and is necessary to perform the > install. I also have the same board. UEFI works on 4.1, but has

Re: [qubes-users] fedora-32

2020-07-01 Thread Jarrah
> Hello, is fedora-32 minimal adequate for use as sys-firewall? or is > there some reason that its better to use the full F32 template? It will work, but requires some extra packages. See under the heading "Distro-Specific Notes". -- You received

Re: [qubes-users] issue with building Qubes Windows Tools

2020-06-17 Thread Jarrah
> *** > *** ERROR > *** > *** Cannot create chroot because the current filesystem is mounted as > nodev. *** > *** Build Qubes on a different

Re: [qubes-users] How to split into two gateways

2020-06-23 Thread Jarrah
> Can someone please tell me if you were able to achieve the following? > - Have two NICs handling two separate sys-net > - Behind each sys-net their own firewall > - behind the firewalls their own set of VMs. Yes, the machine I am on has this setup. Both sys-net VMs have a dedicated NIC PCI

[qubes-users] Kernel Panic using kernel-latest from current-testing and RX5700XT

2020-06-23 Thread Jarrah
nyone else has the same problem. Workaround (assuming you have another GPU) is to add `modprobe.blacklist=amdgpu` to your kernel parameters. Though if you only have AMD GPUs, this will block them. Thanks, Jarrah. -- You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups &q

Re: [qubes-users] installing qubes

2020-06-20 Thread Jarrah
> Here is what I got. Do you think I should upgrade to qubes 4.1? If so > where is the ISO? How can I get it? > Going to need the output as a file sorry. That's only the end of it. If you plug another USB drive in you should be able to write the file to it using `dmesg >

Re: [qubes-users] installing qubes

2020-06-22 Thread Jarrah
> Sorry for the late response, It took forever for the iso to download. > IT'S WORKING! There is just one last problem. I can't get wireless > working. Any ideas? Congratulations on getting it working. Just remember that is a pre-release version of Qubes. It's not fully supported and may have

Re: [qubes-users] qubes installation problem on MS-16R3

2020-06-22 Thread Jarrah
> I'm having this installation issue when trying to Install Qubes on a MSI > Laptop Can we get a little more info on the laptop? CPU, GPU, etc. > [image: qubes_error.png] > How should I find out how to continue the installation (if there is any > chance) ? Could you provide output of `dmesg` in

Re: [qubes-users] installing qubes

2020-06-20 Thread Jarrah
> I now have a screenshot of the LUKS error in text mode I mentioned.  > It reads "Encryption requested for LUKS device nvme0n1p2 but no > encryption key specified for this device". Any ideas? This sounds like the disk encryption went wrong. Do you get a prompt for your disk password on boot?

Re: [qubes-users] installing qubes

2020-06-20 Thread Jarrah
> I apologize but you have it wrong. I want to INSTALL qubes. The above > is all I have to tell you. > My bad, I missed that and thought you were getting that error on boot after install. Could you switch to another TTY on install (ctl-alt-f2 should do it) and provide the output of `dmesg`. That

Re: [qubes-users] Quebes for noobs (Installation)

2020-06-25 Thread Jarrah
>> I get an error at once i start the installation. > Is that something i need ot change in the bios? Exactly this. The machine you posted should support the features listed, but they may not be enabled by default. Boot into BIOS/UEFI and ensure SVM and IOMMU are enabled. -- You received

Re: [qubes-users] Qubes on Lemur Pro - system 76

2020-08-14 Thread Jarrah
> I would like to test QUbes on my Lemur Pro but this machine requires a very > recent kernel to work and unfortunately Qubes 4.0.3 can't boot the > machine... Do you have another machine you could do the install on? Once installed, you could try installing the `kernel-latest` package which will

Re: [qubes-users] Disable lock screen / screenshot question

2020-12-22 Thread Jarrah
> How do you disable the automatic screen lock? I have the screensaver > disabled and the lock screen option unchecked but it still locks after a > few minutes. For me, there is a "presentation mode" on the battery icon (which shows on both desktop and laptop) that disables the screen lock.

Re: [qubes-users] Errors updating Fedora 30 template

2020-11-07 Thread Jarrah
> I tried running 'dnf install qubes-template-fedora-32' as root and get: > > Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'qubes-dom0-cached', disabling. > No package qubes-template-fedora-32 available > Error: unable to find a match > > Also tried: sudo qubes-dom0-install qubes-template-fedora-32 and

Re: [qubes-users] Errors updating Fedora 30 template

2020-11-06 Thread Jarrah
First step will be getting an up-to-date template to work off. Fedora 30 is well past EOL. Try installing `qubes-template-fedora-32` in dom0. > I am just learning Qubes and have found I can update a Fedora based App VM > running "dnf update" as root, but when I run the same command to update the

Re: [qubes-users] Intel CPU frequency scaling and boost mode?

2020-11-06 Thread Jarrah
> I just installed (not to say it was easy) Qubes on gen10 intel NUC. > It has a "mobile" type CPU, 1.6Ghz with turbo boost up to 4GHz. > However, Xentop never shows frequencies higher than 1.6 no matter if I have > a CPU-intensive task or not. Does turbo boost work as expected? There is a

Re: [qubes-users] Re: High dom0 CPU usage by qubesd

2021-01-06 Thread Jarrah
This is some really nice tracing work. I'm sure it would be appreciated as an issue in the qubes-issues repository so it can be tracked properly. While I haven't gone to the same depth, I can confirm that `qubesd` jumps to ~25% CPU regularly on my (albeit much beefier) system with i3. This does

Re: [qubes-users] issues with i3, xrandr and keyboard

2021-01-19 Thread Jarrah
> For the qubes way to change the vm keymaps, idk sorry. I only know it > does > not allow to change your keyboard options so I looked away. For me at least, changing the xfce setting carries through to i3. This also propagates to VMs, but only once on VM start. Repeated propagation is slated


2019-10-31 Thread Jarrah Gosbell
> Also, since you have built an > ISO try making a 4.1 one. Having difficulty getting this to build. Qubes builder on a fedora 29 qube. `make qubes` runs fine. But `make iso` fails with the following output: ``` -> Building installer-qubes-os iso for fc29 (logfile:

Re: [qubes-users] Dom0 Kernel panic when using iGPU

2019-10-31 Thread Jarrah Gosbell
> Have you tried taking out iommu=no-igfx (in both places) and/or i915.alpha_support=1? I have just tried this. No change. Using the serial console still results in the same kernel panic. Without the serial console, there is no output from Dom0. I also was recommend pci=nocrs in the console

[qubes-users] Re: Qubes fails to boot using RX 5700 XT

2019-10-31 Thread Jarrah Gosbell
Please disregard the above. I replied to the wrong email. > Saw you tried kernel-latest. Was that a 5.x version? It was. 5.3.7 is the version I have installed. > Also, since you have built an ISO try making a 4.1 one. Currently building. I'll get back when it's done. -- You received this

[qubes-users] Re: Dom0 Kernel panic when using iGPU

2019-10-31 Thread Jarrah Gosbell
> Have you tried taking out iommu=no-igfx (in both places) and/or > i915.alpha_support=1? I have just tried this. No change. Using the serial console still results in the same kernel panic. Without the serial console, there is no output from Dom0. I also was recommend pci=nocrs in the console

[qubes-users] Dom0 Kernel panic when using iGPU

2019-10-30 Thread Jarrah Gosbell
I have been attempting to get Qubes installed on my Metabox Prime-V laptop, which has resulted in the following kernel panic on each boot. This kernel panic seems to be caused by the interaction

[qubes-users] Qubes fails to boot using RX 5700 XT

2019-10-30 Thread Jarrah Gosbell
I have upgraded an existing Qubes system to use the AMD RX 5700 XT. However, when booting with Xen, the driver is unable to install the GPUs firmware. I receive the following error message: ``` amdgpu [...]: (-14) failed to allocate kernel bo amdgpu [...]: failed to create kernel buffer for

[qubes-users] Has anyone a intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 working in sys-net (fedora/debian)?

2019-12-17 Thread Jarrah Gosbell
>  [    4.776112] iwlwifi :00:06.0: Detected Killer(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX1650x Not a solution but I believe the above line might help. Iwlwifi is picking up the wrong device. I have another machine doing the same but haven't got a solution. All I can say is that it came about with Kernel 5.3.x and