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2018-01-05 Thread Naja Melan
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Re: [qubes-users] Running rkt containers directly on zen?

2018-01-10 Thread Naja Melan
Yes, thanks, I have installed Mirage Firewall. Some more info that might interest people here. I got some answers from a developer of stage1-xen rkt: https://github.com/rkt/stage1-xen/issues/1#issuecomment-356764768 Also in December Xen launched a new initiative for unikernals, called

[qubes-users] all windows in VM just disappeared

2018-01-02 Thread Naja Melan
I have a problem which I would like to resolve (or at least recover from) rather than just working around by killing the vm and restarting it. Sometimes all windows of a guest just disappear. So far what I had done in such case was running qvm-start-gui in dom0. This sometimes works but in this

[qubes-users] Running rkt containers directly on zen?

2018-01-01 Thread Naja Melan
puzzles me because surely being able to run applications in total isolation without the overhead (memory, disk, cpu) of a full linux install is very interesting for something like qubes right? What is the current state of affairs? Naja Melan -- You received this message because you