Re: [qubes-users] Re: Screen recorder for Qubes..?

2017-06-22 Thread mathdegiovani
Hello, > > > >> The threat model is pretty similar to Qubes' Trusted PDF feature. > > Not quite. The PDF processing happens in a throwaway VM, whereas here > > the video processing as done today happens in dom0. > > I was suggesting the compression could be done in an appVM... it should > be

Re: [qubes-users] Re: Possible to get usable Win7 gui?

2017-10-06 Thread mathdegiovani
Hello, > I work around the issue by using Remmina (or other RDP client) in an > appVM, and allowing IP forwarding in the firewall vm. This solution does > not suffer from increasing lag, and should be usable for everything > except gaming. See instructions here: > Remmina indeed seems to make