[qubes-users] HCL Dell Latitude E6420 i7-2640M

2016-07-08 Thread rss+qubes
Hi guys, I am sending this in primarily because the current HCL list online shows the E6420 in yellow. Whereas my experience (as of several months right now with a slightly newer model: i7-2640M) is that Qubes works flawlessly with this machine, from install right through to the present. I could

[qubes-users] HCL for Lenovo X240

2019-08-05 Thread rss+qubes
Everything works flawlessly except return from suspend, where sys-usb is frozen and needs a restart. I am now in the habit of simply turning off sys-usb before suspending. I did have one nasty surprise: this machine is fitted for a maximum of 8G of RAM. There is in fact only one RAM socket. A

Re: [qubes-users] qubes packages in Archlinux AUR repo

2021-08-30 Thread rss+qubes
Hi unman, > I cant help with the AUR. > I build Arch packages for 4.0 and 4.1, and update them probably twice > a month ( other constraints permitting) Thanks very much for doing that, my Arch template originally came from your repo. > You can pick up templates and packages at

[qubes-users] mounting root TemplatVM partition in dom0 fails

2021-08-30 Thread rss+qubes
Hi, I have some templates stored in a "file" pool where, for example, I find the following files: private.img private-cow.img root.img root-cow.img I can do this in dom0, no problem: sudo mount private.img /mnt But this fails: sudo mount

[qubes-users] qubes packages in Archlinux AUR repo

2021-08-28 Thread rss+qubes
Hi, Wondering if the Archlinux dev "seberm" is on this list, and what (if anything) is happening with the Qubes AUR packages? https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?O=0=qubes I have been using these repos (the six of them that are not "empty") to keep my Arch AppVM alive for quite some