Re: [qubes-users] Making Your Own Sys-VMs

2017-10-14 Thread '[799]' via qubes-users
Hello Sam,

> Thanks for those scripts! After reading through the
> script, I am a little more confused as to why my templates aren"t
> working.
> [...]
> When I start up mine it shows the ethernet interface, but it can"t find
> the wireless interface.

I guess you are missing some neccesary drivers in your (new minimal) sys-net VM.
I suggest the following:
Just switch the template of your new sys-net VM, which is currently using the 
fedora-25-minimal template with the ("full size") fedora image:

#kill all VMs
qvm-kill sys-usb
qvm-kill sys-firewall
qvm-kill sys-net

#Show current template
qvm-prefs -l sys-net | grep template

# Switch template
qvm-prefs -s sys-net template fedora-25

Then start all VMs and check if you can see the wifi card.
If so this means that there is just some driver or module missing in your 
minimal sys-net VM.

An easy approach might to just keep the fedora-25 instead of the 
fedora-25-minimal template.
But solving thing is better than living with workarrounds :-)
Can you enter the lspci or comannd in dom0 and look which Wifi adapter you are 
using lspci | grep Network might be easier to find your wifi card.
Please send the full line of what is shown there, in my case for example:

[USER@dom0 ~]$ lspci | grep Network
00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82579LM Gigabit Network 
Connection (rev 04)
02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6205 [Taylor 
Peak] (rev 34)

We'll look from there what needs to be done to get wifi working in your sys-net 
VM when you choose the minimal template.


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Re: [qubes-users] Making Your Own Sys-VMs

2017-10-12 Thread '[799]' via qubes-users
Hello Sam,

>> I"ve been looking at changing all my VM templates to fedora minimal.

I've done exactly the same to reduce the footprint of running services and 
applications and to work with fedora-25 instead of the old fedora-23 templates.

>> However, I"m still having some trouble making fedora minimal templates
>> that will work for my NetVM, FirewallVM, and USBVM.

I've attached all scripts for you:
If you store those scripts in dom0 unter ~/bin you can run those scripts 
without changing to the directory, as  ~/bin is included in the PATH 
environment variable (in dom0: echo $PATH )

this script will download and clone a fedora-25-minimal template.
it will install all needed packages in the template.
(the reason why I clone the template is that I like to have the original 
template untouched. The original fedora-25-minimal template will be hidden in 
Qubes Manager to get a better overview)

*** qvm-destroy
is just a helper script which will kill a VM and remove it.
I'm using qvm-destroy in my scripts so that I can run those scripts even when 
the AppVMs are in place already and I want to reinstall. With that I can 
rebuild all my sys-vms within a very short time.

this script will remove and then recreate the 3 sys-vms.
after this script you'll end up with running freshly installed sys-net, 
sys-firewall and sys-usb.
This scripts assumes that the first script has been run already (creation of 

this script will create the 3 sys-vms using the fedora-25 default image which 
is slightly bigger but might have all drivers etc. installed.
I've just used it to test out my other minimal-script :-)
So it can be used to migrate from the standard fedora-23 to fedora-25 sys-vms.

If you have any question regarding those scripts, do not hesitate
to contact me.
I am using all sys-vms based on my t-fedora-25-minimal template and they work 
If you start up the new sys-usb it might be that you get a 2nd nm-applet icon 
in the taskbar. I haven't been able to disable the start of nm-applet in 
sys-usb and as such I'm just killing the nm-applet through dom0:
I'm running this command in dom0 in a script which is executed when I login 
into qubes:

qvm-run sys-usb "killall nm-applet"

>> For the NetVM specifically, I installed the driver and software
>> that was stated on the Fedora Minimal page but it still doesn"t
>> register my wireless card.

You need to find out what your wifi card is and then install the proper driver. 
I think this was covered here in the mailinglist already.
You could look into your current sys-net (based on the original template) and 
then use lsmod to find which kernel modules are running and find the proper 
drivers - but this is something I am not that familiar with.
Someone more skilled might help you out

Just one more thing which might be usefull for your new sys-net VM if you're 
working with a WWAN/LTE-card.
I have a scripts which auto-attached my LTE card to the sys-net VM:

# -  connect the LTE-card to sys-net
# Description of LTE Card (it's ok to enter only a part of the description)
# to find out the description enter qvm-usb in dom0
# Mount Card to sys-net
qvm-usb -a sys-net `qvm-usb | grep $LTECard | awk '{print $1}'`


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