Re: [qutebrowser] System proxy

2019-08-15 Thread Ryan Roden-Corrent
If 'config.prixy' is actually what you typed, then try 'config.proxy' instead :) Hopefully it is that easy. -Ryan On August 15, 2019 2:48:31 PM EDT, Ron Eggler wrote: >Hi, > >I'm a new qutebrowser user. How can I connect to the Internet using the >system proxy on a Windows PC? I have tried to

Re: [qutebrowser] How to add a bookmark with tags?

2018-09-15 Thread Ryan Roden-Corrent
Hi mgcyun, Currently there is no concept of "tags", however you can use quickmarks, which tie a url to a 'key'. I have a pull request out that merges bookmarks/quickmarks into a single concept that supports a featureful concept of tagging (looks like I need to merge master again):

Re: [qutebrowser] Editing and re-loading quickmarks

2018-07-18 Thread Ryan Roden-Corrent
to reload all configs that way, but this is >probably a qtwebengine issue, and not a qutebrowser issue, yes? Is >that >what config-source does, but it just doesn't read quickmarks/bookmarks >as >part of the config? > >On Fri, Jul 13, 2018 at 8:58 AM Ryan Roden-Corrent >wrote: >

Re: [qutebrowser] Using Keepass

2018-06-30 Thread Ryan Roden-Corrent
Hi Marco, I'm not a keepass user, but someone contributed a keepass userscript: There are usage instructions at the top of the file. Note the warning in the usage instructions: plaintext passwords will be

Re: [qutebrowser] Keybindings reset?

2018-05-09 Thread Ryan Roden-Corrent
ind in the browser to change my keybindings. It is unlikely >that I >had capslock on, but even if I did, J and K weren't supposed to be >bound to >that. I didn't submit a crash report when this happened; can I still do >so >now? > >On Wed, May 9, 2018, 7:19 AM Ryan Roden-Co

Re: [qutebrowser] Keybindings reset?

2018-05-09 Thread Ryan Roden-Corrent
> Out of nowhere, "j" and "k" on qutebrowser started working as :tab-prev and > :tab-next instead of scrolling down and up. Then, I pressed another key Any chance you had capslock on? > Upon re-startup, all my custom keybindings (of which I have many) were > reset! How did you configure your

Re: [qutebrowser] viewing bindings

2017-11-23 Thread Ryan Roden-Corrent
Yuusha is correct, however it only applies to command-mode bindings. I don't know of a good way to do this for other modes. -Ryan On Wed 11/22/17 10:54PM, Yuusha Spacewolf wrote: > On Thu, Nov 23, 2017 at 02:07:43AM +, Stephen Davies (sdavies) wrote: > > > > If you want to know what

Re: [qutebrowser] Some feelings about v1.0

2017-10-18 Thread Ryan Roden-Corrent
Hi José! Thanks for the great email, there's lots of clear, constructive feedback here. > Default behaviour for moving between completions is tab or shift-tab. I know > that I can make arrow keys also do the job in settings, but what is the point > of having that disabled by default now? I

Re: [qutebrowser] xvfb/opengl error running tests

2016-09-25 Thread Ryan Roden-Corrent
t sure how to pass an arg as a CLI argument. -Ryan On Sun 09/25/16 07:26PM, Ryan Roden-Corrent wrote: > Tests are failing on my machine due to the following warning: > > QtWarningMsg: QXcbIntegration: Cannot create platform OpenGL context, > neither GLX nor EGL are enabled >

Re: Gmail support?

2016-03-19 Thread Ryan Roden-Corrent
I see it too (0.5.1, Archlinux). It goes away if you change the user agent from the default. Try :set network user-agent and tab through the suggestions. I've found this is actually necessary to use google hangouts. Unfortunately, a non-default user-agent breaks a lot of the Github UI. -Ryan On

Re: qutebrowser and Github

2016-03-11 Thread Ryan Roden-Corrent
lorian Bruhin wrote: > >* Ryan Roden-Corrent <> [2016-03-10 21:08:43 -0500]: > >>I remember a while back a mail went around about qutebrowser having trouble > >>with > >>Github's web UI. Has anyone tried contacting their support about this? I >