Re: [Rd] [R] shQuote and cat

2008-07-24 Thread Wacek Kusnierczyk
Duncan Murdoch wrote: Vadim Organovich wrote: It is precizely a shell command that I am trying to generate. To be specific let's try to have R 'output' the following shell command: 'echo \a\'. This is is a valid command, at least in bash: bash-3.2$ echo \a\ a Now in R: x - 'echo \a\'

Re: [Rd] plot.dendrogram xlim/ylim

2008-07-24 Thread Martin Maechler
FA == Felix Andrews [EMAIL PROTECTED] on Thu, 24 Jul 2008 13:16:22 +1000 writes: FA list(...), I would like to zoom in to the leaves of FA large trees in a dendrogram plot. The playwith package FA allows zooming by passing xlim and ylim arguments to the FA plot call (Hmisc

[Rd] serialize() to via temporary file is heaps faster than doing it directly (on Windows)

2008-07-24 Thread Henrik Bengtsson
Hi, FYI, I just notice that on Windows (but not Linux) it is orders of magnitude (below it's 50x) faster to serialize() and object to a temporary file and then read it back, than to serialize to an object directly. This has for instance impact on how fast digest::digest() can provide a checksum.