Re: [R] kde2d error message

2007-08-10 Thread Prof Brian Ripley
If X or Y contains missing values, _you_ supplied missing values as the 'lims' argument and it will be those missing values that are reported. I do not see how you expect to be able to do density estimation with missing values: they are unknown and so no part of the answer is known. If you are

[R] kde2d error message

2007-08-10 Thread Jennifer Dillon
Hello! I am trying to do a smooth with the kde2d function, and I'm getting an error message about NAs. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does this function not do well with NAs in general? fit - kde2d(X, Y, n=100,lims=c(range(X),range(Y))) Error in if (from == to || length.out 2) by - 1 :