[R-pkg-devel] Need help building packages to track down ASAN error

2020-03-23 Thread Steven Scott
One of my packages (bsts) appears to have a memory error identified by ASAN. I'm trying to build an ASAN-enabled R+bsts so that I can debug the error. I'm using the rocker image rocker/r-devel-ubsan-clang, loaded and run as follows: docker run --cap-add SYS_PTRACE -e PASSWORD= --rm -p 8787:8787

Re: [R-pkg-devel] OpenMP variable not specified in enclosing 'parallel'

2020-03-23 Thread Ivan Krylov
On Mon, 23 Mar 2020 15:29:20 +0100 Emil Sjørup wrote: > const int iMaxLag = 20; > error: ‘iMaxLag’ not specified in enclosing ‘parallel’ > error: ‘iMaxLag’ is predetermined ‘shared’ for ‘shared’ This looks like a compiler bug to me. g++ seems to forget the rule that "const" variables are

Re: [R-pkg-devel] Problem with Check --as-cran

2020-03-23 Thread Tomas Kalibera
The problem is with if (class(data) != "matrix") stop("The data field should be an array or a data frame") Please use inherits() instead of checking class(), see this for more details https://developer.r-project.org/Blog/public/2019/11/09/when-you-think-class.-think-again Best Tomas On

Re: [R-pkg-devel] Problem with Check --as-cran

> El 23 mar 2020, a las 15:05, LUIS ALFONSO PEREZ MARTOS > escribió: > > Good morning, everyone, > > I am developing an R-package and when I check package I get this right. > Attached image. > > > > But when I upload the package to cran they tell me the next error and I don't > know

[R-pkg-devel] OpenMP variable not specified in enclosing 'parallel'

2020-03-23 Thread Emil Sjørup
Hi, I am getting an error message during pre-checks when I upload a new version of my package to CRAN, and I need help. See: https://win-builder.r-project.org/incoming_pretest/DriftBurstHypothesis_0.3.0.1_20200322_134148/Debian/00install.out The package installs just fine on windows,

[R-pkg-devel] CRAN upload checks

2020-03-23 Thread Christopher Jones
Chasing up a longstanding issue with getting a package patch update uploaded to CRAN. We've never raised any reply to emails sent to cran-submissi...@r-project.org. The most recent mail was on 17th March. Is there a