Re: [R-pkg-devel] Checkpoint package failing CRAN checks

2020-01-10 Thread Ivan Krylov
I wonder why does vignettes/checkpoint.Rmd run the following: > example_project <- tempdir() Now example_project contains the path of per-session temporary directory... > dir.create(example_project, recursive = TRUE, showWarnings = FALSE) there should be no need to create it... >

[R-pkg-devel] Checkpoint package failing CRAN checks

2020-01-08 Thread Hong Ooi via R-package-devel
Hi all, I'm the new (as of 6 months ago) maintainer of checkpoint. If you're not familiar with it, checkpoint is a package to help with reproducible analysis: you give it a particular snapshot date from the MRAN site, and it installs the packages that your project depends on from that