Re: [R-pkg-devel] WInbuilder and rHub updating

2019-05-20 Thread Gábor Csárdi
Hi Roy, R-hub installs everything on-demand, at build/check time, from CRAN, and possibly other sources. So as soon as the package is on CRAN, it is available on R-hub. One glitch is that, even though the package is already on CRAN, it might not have a binary build yet, and if it requires

Re: [R-pkg-devel] How to obtain intercept of intercept-only glm in Fortran?

2019-05-20 Thread Michael Weylandt
Negative binomial is a bit trickier since it's a two parameter family without a closed-form MLE. For the probability parameter, you can use the closed form MLE at For the number of samples, you'll need to